• Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?

    Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?   What if students meet Fall-Spring goals but not Spring-Spring, etc.?
    Christina Lancaster
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  • Finalizing a Test

    We have students taking WAY more time than the estimates provided by NWEA.  Is there a way for the testing administrators to finalize tests - even if the students have not finished - after a set amount of time?
    Mark Carl
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  • NWEA Secure Testing App on Android Device

    Is there NWEA Secure Testing App on Android device?
    Abdul Rauf
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  • Does MAP provide a list of sample questions that align to specific Common Core Standards?

    I am trying to do item level analysis, but it is challenging when you can actually see the wording of questions! 
    Lily Brown
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  • Screening:  Reading Early Literacy K-2 Class Report

    Looking at the Class Report for the Reading Early Literacy, over on the far column under Total Number of Students...one of our teachers gave this test last week, her the total number of students who took the test...
    Mava Goddard
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  • K-2 vs 2-5 math test

    How do I know when to move my second graders to the 2-5 test?  What are the differences between the math k-2 and the math 2-5 test? Is one better than the other?
    Maria Chubb
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  • How Can You Build Your own Professional Learning Network (PLN)?

    Revisiting this topic at a time of the year in which we often look for support from our colleague as we approach the final testing season of the year.    I've always felt that work is more product...
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  • How to Interpret Scores...

    So I was reading the response to another question and I am hoping that I am not taking information out of context or misinterpreting but I could be:    How do you interpret a 6th grader who scores a 252 - w...
    Casey Ward
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  • What “Dancing with the Stars” Teaches Us About Balancing Growth and Proficiency

    Melissa Bain supports Illinois State and Government Partnerships for NWEA. She works directly with the Board of Education, Governor’s, and City of Chicago Mayor’s office, as well as key district and state ...
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  • 5 Fall MAP Growth Testing Tips from Teachers on Instagram

    Check out this Teach. Learn. Grow. blog from Nikkie Zanevsky.  She consolidated great ideas shared earlier in the year on Instagram related to growth, goal setting, and building a positive classroom communit...
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  • Does anyone know how to delete a resource that was uploaded to course for practice?

    I am playing around with the Proctor Quick Start course, and the box in the bottom right had an 'Upload' option, so I uploaded one of my own district resource docs for our proctors.  But it was just for practice,...
    Christina Mattioli
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  • 5 best Professional Learning Practices

    Check out the interview with NWEA's own Kathy Dyer featured in the eSchool News article. "How to deliver PL that really works".  Kathy serves the Professional Learning Design Team as the Manag...
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  • Data Analysis and Collaboration

    As your school year winds down and testing is drawing to a close what type of data analysis activities are you doing?  Are these activities being done individually, as a group collaboration or both?  Please ...
  • Learning Focused Feedback Grows Learners

    Do you have a favorite technique for sharing formative feedback to your students? Do you have thoughts or questions on how to effectively frame feedback for your students so it's learning focused? Please join us in t...
    Natalie Laderas
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  • Digital Materials: A change in our habits of practice

    As many of our participants have already experienced, NWEA is moving away from Pen-Pencil-Workbooks and developing our skills at using our usual and customary devices to interact over learning and content.  This ...
    Tim Neville
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