• Screening:  Reading Early Literacy K-2 Class Report

    Looking at the Class Report for the Reading Early Literacy, over on the far column under Total Number of Students...one of our teachers gave this test last week, her the total number of students who took the test...
    Mava Goddard
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  • What do student goal-setting conversations look like and sound like?

    If you manage to find that precious one-on-one time with a student… how might you use it for goal-setting with MAP® data? For concrete ideas and examples, first download our infographic and then watch samp...
    Vicki Rodriguez
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  • Fusion Takeaways

    Hi Fusion attendees and presenters! We’d love to hear what you learned, were inspired by, or any memorable moments from Fusion St. Louis.     Tami Hunter Robin Whitacre Kathy Dyer Robyn Sturgeon Amy Sc...
    Angela Nicholas
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  • Year One of Skills Navigator

    What successes have your district found with Skills Navigator?  Our district is in Year 1.  Anything you think we should know? 
    Kristina Guntharp
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  • Spring to Fall RIT scores

    Can spring and fall MAP Growth RIT be used to look at the impact of summer loss and/or summer programs without formally testing students in a summer administration)?  We do not have the capacity to administe...
    Anna Yuen
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  • MAP Growth Conditional Growth Index

    We often hear questions from partners like the one below concerning the Conditional Growth Index. If you have any feedback you would like to share or additional questions to ask please reply to this discussi...
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  • How Can You Build Your own Professional Learning Network (PLN)?

    Revisiting this topic at a time of the year in which we often look for support from our colleague as we approach the final testing season of the year.    I've always felt that work is more product...
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  • RIT to Concepts

    A question often asked in workshops concerns how the RIT to Concepts resource relates to a given grade level.  For information on this topic please see the information below...    Introdu...
  • Improving Test Engagement in MAP Growth

    Do you want to know more about the test engagement tool within MAP Growth?  Use the link below to check out the Partner Support article to see responses to frequently asked questions on the test engagement capabi...
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  • when to start Map Test

    Hi wana Ask ,How we know the Next term Map test Date ,when to begin and when to end.
    Rubab Ramzan
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  • More On Interpreting MAP Growth Scores...

    This question was received from a partner concerning how to handle a score for a student who somehow took the wrong MAP Growth assessment..   "...when interpreting scores for my school, I came across a 2nd ...
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  • Resources for Using Lexile Scores with MAP Assessments

    If you need RIT to Lexile® help NWEA has many resources available. Take a look below to see what might be beneficial for you and your colleagues! What is a Lexile score? Where can ...
  • What to Do AFTER Winter Testing? 5 Tips from Teachers

    Done with your winter testing?  Wondering what to do to make the data useful, beneficial and timely? Check out this recent Teach. Learn. Grow. blog by Nikkie Zanevsky, an independent consultant at NWEA,...
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  • How long does it take students to complete MAP Growth assessments?

    This is a question that NWEA consultants often get asked by partners.  Since there is no time limit for how long students can take to complete NWEA assessments the true answer is "it varies".  Howe...
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  • Combining Class Rosters for a Consolidated View of Test Results

    Accurate rostering is key to seeing the desired data from MAP Growth, MAP Skills and MAP Reading Fluency.  A partner in a recent onsite workshop asked the question, "Is there a way to pull multiple classes togeth...
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  • Setting Appropriate Growth Goals

    With the wealth of data schools have at their fingertips following Fall and Winter testing, growth goals are a hot topic in partner workshops.  An NWEA consultant had this question asked in a recent workshop, "Wh...
  • MAP Quick References

    Are you looking for quick references as you review your students' winter MAP tests results.  Check out the Tip of the Week from NWEA's Danielle Kerns who is a Community Manager from the Dynamic Sup...
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  • Extra Testing Time For Middle/High School Students

    Hello! I was curious how different middle and high schools handle students needing extra time to complete a section of MAP Growth. My school is in it's first year giving the MAP Test. When we gave it in the Fall, we a...
    Zach Shapiro
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  • What “Dancing with the Stars” Teaches Us About Balancing Growth and Proficiency

    Melissa Bain supports Illinois State and Government Partnerships for NWEA. She works directly with the Board of Education, Governor’s, and City of Chicago Mayor’s office, as well as key district and state ...
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  • 5 Fall MAP Growth Testing Tips from Teachers on Instagram

    Check out this Teach. Learn. Grow. blog from Nikkie Zanevsky.  She consolidated great ideas shared earlier in the year on Instagram related to growth, goal setting, and building a positive classroom communit...
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