• What would it take to test a new Spanish speaking student in Spanish?

    I have a student that just moved to our district and would like to check her ability in her own language.
    Bob Cogswell
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  • MAP & Special Education

    Is there anyone who is using MAP data to collect progress monitoring data for considering Special Education eligibility in a RTI approach.
    Keith Drieberg
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  • NWEA Secure Testing App on Android Device

    Is there NWEA Secure Testing App on Android device?
    Abdul Rauf
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  • How can I compare our RIT scores to our local and state peers?

    How can I compare our RIT scores to our local and Connecticut peers?
    Jennifer Bargas
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  • MAP Rollout in a district

    Can anyone share with me their rollout plan for their district. I would like to see how you handle ongoing professional development, as well as how you include the MAP video library and get teachers to view these grea...
    Keith Drieberg
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  • Can a student do a re-test

    If a student is having a bad day, and just guesses or does not take the test seriously, can they do a retest during the testing window.
    Keith Drieberg
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  • Am looking for a list of the best training videos for an administrator and proctor to watch.

    Can someone share with me a list of the recommended videos for a proctor to watch, as well as a teacher and administrator to view. Is there a list of recommended videos. I want to use this list of videos in the onli...
    Keith Drieberg
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  • Growth Mindset Opportunities on One Page

    To celebrate the middle of the week and provide some inspiration: here's a great infographic illustrating growth mindset opportunities.  This visualization reminds me that we need to give ourselves permission to ...
    Natalie Laderas
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  • What are your go-to goal-setting strategies?

    "A goal without a plan is just a wish." This quote is attributed to Antoine de Saint Exupéry, author of The Little Prince. It also appeared in 50 Ways to Lose Ten Pounds by Joan Horbiak....
    Vicki Rodriguez
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  • MAP Topics Change by Term?

    I was reading one of the NWEA community blogs and read that the content of the MAP test changes each testing term. I was totally unaware that each testing term contains different content. Can I find a list of what top...
    Natalie Roman
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  • End of test screen

    It would be helpful if the percentile were on the end of test screen.
    Cynthia McKibben
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  • Norms Chart

    Where can I find the 2015 norms chart?
    Lora Crowe
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  • Finalizing a Test

    We have students taking WAY more time than the estimates provided by NWEA.  Is there a way for the testing administrators to finalize tests - even if the students have not finished - after a set amount of time?
    Mark Carl
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  • Testing outside the testing window (make-ups, incomplete tests)

    A large number of students missed the testing window--if we testing them this week will the data still count towards this testing session?
    Christina Lancaster
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  • Formative Assessment: Agree or Disagree?

    “Too often, educational tests, grades, and report cards are treated by teachers and parents as autopsies when they should be viewed as physicals. That is, assessments are often perceived as only summative in nat...
    Vicki Rodriguez
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  • CGI Video

    Where can I find a video about the CGI?  I've seen this video before but can't seem to find it now.  Thank you for any help!
    Julie von Pertz
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  • I want to know if there is a list of recommended online learning courses for teachers, administrators and proctors.

    Can I get a list of recommended courses for my teachers to watch, as well as proctors and administrative staff.
    Martha Havens
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  • I need a document that explains how to use map skills

    What print info can I use to review map skills
    Martha Havens
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  • When will new norms be published?

    I know new norms are usually published anywhere between 3 - 4 years with the last ones published in 2015. When will the next set of norms be published? I figured sometime this year but didn't know if there was a defin...
    Robert Holton
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  • Report & Profile access for all grade level teachers

    All of my grade level teachers cannot see their grade level student profiles because they are not assigned to the student or the student is not enrolled on their roster.  How could all grade level teachers s...
    K.C. Ratliff
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