• Webinar Slides

    I watched  Fusion Webinar and the link for the slides was not located below. Where can I get access to the slides for Giving 100% to the Bottom 25%?
    Michelle Baker-Herring
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  • Webinar and video locations

    I started watching 2 webinars last week and I cannot locate them anywhere? Where should I be looking for these webinars and videos?
    Michelle Baker-Herring
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  • MAP Administration Training

    Do MAP proctors have to do the training modules every year?
    Kristen Mashiana
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  • Differentiating Homework

    How does one differentiate homework?
    Joseph Skerjanec
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  • Access to Professional Learning resources

    If a staff member has a NWEA MAP account, do they automatically have access to the professional learning side of MAP?  Is this a separate upload?
    Sheri Coder
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  • When will new norms be published?

    I know new norms are usually published anywhere between 3 - 4 years with the last ones published in 2015. When will the next set of norms be published? I figured sometime this year but didn't know if there was a defin...
    Robert Holton
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  • Professional Development Transcript?

    How do I download a copy of my professional development transcript?
    Wilder Pirtle
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  • Fusion Takeaways

    Hi Fusion attendees and presenters! We’d love to hear what you learned, were inspired by, or any memorable moments from Fusion St. Louis.     Tami Hunter Robin Whitacre Kathy Dyer Robyn Sturgeon Amy Sc...
    Angela Nicholas
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  • Year One of Skills Navigator

    What successes have your district found with Skills Navigator?  Our district is in Year 1.  Anything you think we should know? 
    Kristina Guntharp
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  • Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?

    Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?   What if students meet Fall-Spring goals but not Spring-Spring, etc.?
    Christina Lancaster
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  • K-2 vs 2-5 math test

    How do I know when to move my second graders to the 2-5 test?  What are the differences between the math k-2 and the math 2-5 test? Is one better than the other?
    Maria Chubb
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  • How important are accurate instructional weeks?

    I am hoping I can be clear - I understand that there are norms. Fall - 4 weeks of instruction, Winter - 20 weeks of instruction. Spring - 32 weeks of instruction.   How important is for those weeks to be accurat...
    Casey Ward
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  • Spring to Fall RIT scores

    Can spring and fall MAP Growth RIT be used to look at the impact of summer loss and/or summer programs without formally testing students in a summer administration)?  We do not have the capacity to administe...
    Anna Yuen
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  • Phonics screening test for early readers

    I would like to give a quic test to see if the class has any holes in phonics. I see the 6 or more skills checklist that are available but I am wondering if "Screening: Reading Early Literacy" would be a better option...
    Glenn Moyer
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  • How is content selected for a student's test?

    A teacher at one of our middle schools was asked this question by a student: "I was really confused today, because my MAP test had all probability questions and nothing we learned this year.  When I took the MAP...
    Lori Butler
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  • MAP Growth Conditional Growth Index

    We often hear questions from partners like the one below concerning the Conditional Growth Index. If you have any feedback you would like to share or additional questions to ask please reply to this discussi...
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  • How Can You Build Your own Professional Learning Network (PLN)?

    Revisiting this topic at a time of the year in which we often look for support from our colleague as we approach the final testing season of the year.    I've always felt that work is more product...
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  • RIT to Concepts

    A question often asked in workshops concerns how the RIT to Concepts resource relates to a given grade level.  For information on this topic please see the information below...    Introdu...
  • How to Interpret Scores...

    So I was reading the response to another question and I am hoping that I am not taking information out of context or misinterpreting but I could be:    How do you interpret a 6th grader who scores a 252 - w...
    Casey Ward
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  • Where do you get most of your teaching strategy ideas and tools from?

    I had a conversation with someone the other day about how many teachers use online tools and social networks to get ideas. Just curious which tool you use the most. Also, if you have additional thoughts post to the co...
    Natalie Laderas
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