• When will new norms be published?

    I know new norms are usually published anywhere between 3 - 4 years with the last ones published in 2015. When will the next set of norms be published? I figured sometime this year but didn't know if there was a defin...
    Robert Holton
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  • Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?

    Should I look at Fall-Spring or Spring-Spring growth to determine if students have met ideal growth?   What if students meet Fall-Spring goals but not Spring-Spring, etc.?
    Christina Lancaster
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  • K-2 vs 2-5 math test

    How do I know when to move my second graders to the 2-5 test?  What are the differences between the math k-2 and the math 2-5 test? Is one better than the other?
    Maria Chubb
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  • How important are accurate instructional weeks?

    I am hoping I can be clear - I understand that there are norms. Fall - 4 weeks of instruction, Winter - 20 weeks of instruction. Spring - 32 weeks of instruction.   How important is for those weeks to be accurat...
    Casey Ward
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  • Phonics screening test for early readers

    I would like to give a quic test to see if the class has any holes in phonics. I see the 6 or more skills checklist that are available but I am wondering if "Screening: Reading Early Literacy" would be a better option...
    Glenn Moyer
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  • How to Interpret Scores...

    So I was reading the response to another question and I am hoping that I am not taking information out of context or misinterpreting but I could be:    How do you interpret a 6th grader who scores a 252 - w...
    Casey Ward
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  • How is content selected for a student's test?

    A teacher at one of our middle schools was asked this question by a student: "I was really confused today, because my MAP test had all probability questions and nothing we learned this year.  When I took the MAP...
    Lori Butler
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  • Use of manipulatives when developmentally appropriate?

    State standards state for first graders to add and subtract within 100 " using concrete models or drawings." Are first graders allowed to use manipulatives such as base ten blocks or Unifix cubes during the math secti...
    Abbey Hoobler
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  • MAP skills assessment, calculator use

    My school is new to the MAP Skills product, and students are currently taking the initial missions 'assessments'. What is the expectation for calculator use during the missions? With such varied questions around the r...
    Tom Ciaccio
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  • Concepts of print

    I have noticed that our lower grades have scored somewhat lower on the subcategory "Concepts of Print" on the MAP Growth Reading test. Can you please provide some details about what sorts of questions these would be? ...
    Diane Williamson
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  • NWEA Student Test Data

    Would you recommend using NWEA map data for teacher evaluation?  Why or why not?
    Rita Creed
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  • MAP Growth Report Availability

    How long does it take for MAP Growth reports to become available?
    Jessica Gustafson
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  • Where do students go to log-in to Map Skills?

    Where do students go to log in to MAP skills?
    Angie Noble
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  • can teachers get MAP test

    Can teacher get the MAP test their students take ?
    Salma Raad
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  • Alternative High School Video

    There use to be a video somewhere referencing an alternative high school program (in CA?) which used MAP data to individualize student learning, close gaps and in turn had success with these students graduating. Might...
    Jennifer Fonseca
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  • Course "Expired" and locked

    Why is my Professional Development Online course "expired" and locked? Can I get back in and view it again?
    Lynn Cowdrey
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  • NWEA for CI Students

    Is it appropriate for a special ed teacher for students who are CI to use NWEA MAP Growth but out of grade level?  How should I respond to this teacher's request.   Thank you
    Julie Milewski
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  • Parent information on MAP Skills

    I have found a MAP Skills Fact sheet, but not a parent letter for MAP Skills.  Is there one?  I do know about the Parent Toolkit, but the information I found is on Growth.
    Kelli Shipp
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  • NWEA On-Demand Webinar

    Are the NWEA On-Demand Webinars recorded and stored somewhere?  We have staff interested in the webinar for November 7, 2018 but cannot watch until after school hours. 
    Julia Mac
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  • Looking for Simple Directions

    Does anyone have a "Cheat Sheet" of sorts for teachers to use when administering the test? I'm looking for one with basic directions on getting students set up in the sessions and then what to do to cancel, suspend, t...
    Stacia Kohlstedt
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