• What would it take to test a new Spanish speaking student in Spanish?

    I have a student that just moved to our district and would like to check her ability in her own language.
    Bob Cogswell
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  • NWEA Secure Testing App on Android Device

    Is there NWEA Secure Testing App on Android device?
    Abdul Rauf
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  • How can I compare our RIT scores to our local and state peers?

    How can I compare our RIT scores to our local and Connecticut peers?
    Jennifer Bargas
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  • Am looking for a list of the best training videos for an administrator and proctor to watch.

    Can someone share with me a list of the recommended videos for a proctor to watch, as well as a teacher and administrator to view. Is there a list of recommended videos. I want to use this list of videos in the onli...
    Keith Drieberg
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  • Norms Chart

    Where can I find the 2015 norms chart?
    Lora Crowe
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  • Testing outside the testing window (make-ups, incomplete tests)

    A large number of students missed the testing window--if we testing them this week will the data still count towards this testing session?
    Christina Lancaster
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  • CGI Video

    Where can I find a video about the CGI?  I've seen this video before but can't seem to find it now.  Thank you for any help!
    Julie von Pertz
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  • I want to know if there is a list of recommended online learning courses for teachers, administrators and proctors.

    Can I get a list of recommended courses for my teachers to watch, as well as proctors and administrative staff.
    Martha Havens
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  • I need a document that explains how to use map skills

    What print info can I use to review map skills
    Martha Havens
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  • When will new norms be published?

    I know new norms are usually published anywhere between 3 - 4 years with the last ones published in 2015. When will the next set of norms be published? I figured sometime this year but didn't know if there was a defin...
    Robert Holton
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  • Can we send results to student porfolios?

    One of our member districts uses student digital portfolios to help students track and document growth. They would like to be able to email their students report data to place in their digital portfolios. Ideally...
    Jean Potter
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  • MAP Growth Report Availability

    How long does it take for MAP Growth reports to become available?
    Jessica Gustafson
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  • Number of questions?

    How many question on each test?
    Lee Koran
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  • Student progress from Spring to Fall

    After the Fall assessment we looked at Cohorts of students, our 3rd graders dropped 9.3 RIT points in the grade-level mean from when they took the test last spring as 2nd graders. Is this typical?
    Mava Goddard
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  • Does MAP provide a list of sample questions that align to specific Common Core Standards?

    I am trying to do item level analysis, but it is challenging when you can actually see the wording of questions! 
    Lily Brown
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  • Goal areas

    How can I see growth in a class and a student on a goal area. (Not just reading but Vocabulary.)  Trying to see what area we may need to make changes if one area is lacking.
    PENNY Ali
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  • How do I set up accounts for training for the various user roles in my district.

    Set up
    Tally Harp
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  • Is it best to do Fall testing after a few weeks of instruction?

    My school district will be using MAPs assessments for the first time this year.  As the K-6 Math Interventionist, I am pushed to begin Title 1 support as soon as possible.  After having looked at the NWEA we...
    Sarah Powell
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  • How to establish an expected year goal for a specific class?

    Suppose a class in 7th grade ends with an average Math Growth RIT score of 240, and we want to set the goal for that class in Math, but for 8th grade.   The norm for 8th grade is 231. Intuitively, it s...
    Fernando Garza
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  • Urgent Request

    Hello, My Name is Lina Abdullah, The new IT coordinator in Modern American School (Jordan), Urgent request as a new member in educational committee in MAS I need your support  to find out all the details about r...
    Lina Abdullah
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