• NWEA Professional Learning Workshop Overview Documents

    NWEA Professional Learning Workshop Overview Documents This page contains short overview documents for key NWEA professional learning workshops. Review these to know what will be covered in a session you've been sched...
    Michael Paric
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  • Quadrant Chart and strategies for teachers

    I am working on a document of strategies around the quadrant chart. The quadrant chart presents high and low around the themes of achievement and growth. This is one of my favorite charts as an administrator.  ...
    Keith Drieberg
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  • Managing Students in MAP

    How can I arrange the students so that the teachers may access all of the students they teach not just the students they tested?
    Jeanne Campbell
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  • Strategies for teachers in hybrid/distance learning?

    Hi I thought I'd ask a question similar to one that was posted before, but specific to schools in a hybrid or distance learning model.   I am interested in a document that describes approache...
    Claire Ryan
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  • Testing Duration

    Hi! I previously went to an in-person training and learned a lot of great strategies about MAP Testing our students. The presenter mentioned that after 90 minutes of testing, the student scores are reduced. Is this tr...
    Janice Santiago
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  • Can Family Reports be customized?

    Hey, I've really got 3 questions that go with this one.   1) Can Family Reports be customized in what student growth percentile is shown? For example, the current ones for Fall 2020 all show the growth perc...
    Tom Hunter
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  • Student Progress Report Percentile Norms Retroactively Applied?

    When I look at a student progress report, does it now show percentiles from the new 2020 norms? Or will it still show the percentiles that match with RIT scores from the old norms?   This includes going back a f...
    Tom Hunter
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  • NEW 2020 Mean RIT Scores by Grade?

    Hello all!  I have a one-page document that was the Mean RIT scores for Fall and for Spring by grades for the MAP Growth Tests.  I am not sure who created this report but I would like to find an up...
    Nicole Svenson
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  • Weeks of Instruction Norms?

    Is there a place to find the 2020 norms based on instructional weeks? I can find the 2020 norms for Fall, Winter, and Spring, which I assume is based around the default 4 weeks (Fall) or 20 weeks (Winter). Is the...
    Tom Hunter
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  • Can any districts share examples of how they utilized the Student Growth Summary Report to set District and Campus Goals?

    My district is working on setting goals for Texas House Bill 3 that requires districts to set goals for Reading and Math.  We would like to set our goals using the Student Growth Summary report and wanted to see ...
    Serena Georges
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  • What to do when test completed

    I clicked end session and save and exit after a student completed the test. Now it says that same student is awaiting the test. What are we suppose to do when a student finishes the test and it says completed next to ...
    Shari Miller
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  • Access to test session

    I set up a test session on behalf of a teacher. Can the teacher will be able to find that test session? I am an instructional specialist with admin status
    Susana Guzman-Ortega
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  • Growth Mindset

    Open video

    Natalie Laderas
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  • Are there any resources for family data chats?

    I saw the video in the courses getting started, but cannot locate it again.
    Rosalind Fleming
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  • Is there a class report to see standard deficiencies of students or do they have to be pulled by individual student profiles?

    Is there a class report that identifies each students specific deficient within the learning continuum or is that information only seen in the Individual student report? Is there a student report which shows grade l...
    Heather Carter
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  • Copy Test to keep roster

    I had to manually choose all remote learners for a grade level.  How do I copy that test session, assign a different test to that group, and save it as the new test?
    Jennifer Evans
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  • Instructional Report Q&A

    As you navigate and analyze data from the Instructional Report*, please surface any questions here for Brooke Mabry Lauren Wells Alison Levitt Jeff Rhodes For technical support, contact o...
    Vicki Rodriguez
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  • Is there a way to find what students retested?

    I am trying to find out which of my students have been retested.  I know I can go through the test events for each student but that isn't practical.  Is there a way to find this information, either via a rep...
    Mark Connell
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  • Secure browser: Practice: Yes, Live: Not working. What's next?

    So... the Secure browser IS working in practice mode, yet when testing a self-made session it doesn't.. What's next? - Can I somehow check/ determine what the actual bottleneck is? Or only option left for student to...
    Erik Klok
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  • Weekly Professional Learning Videos for Teachers

    During this unprecedented time of school closures and virtual learning from home, our students need to build their independence and self-direction more than ever.   Empower Students as Independent Learners is a n...
    Vicki Rodriguez
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