Tamara Belgard

Improved student experience

Blog Post created by Tamara Belgard on Jul 24, 2018

Look for MAP Growth tests to have a modern, app-like look and responsiveness. Students taking MAP Growth (not MAP Growth K–2) will also have four new tools on their toolbar. These embedded universal features are:

  • zoom
  • a digital notepad
  • the ability to eliminate answer options
  • a line reader to make it easier for students to track a line of text

The Student Practice Tests will update before fall testing so students can practice taking the assessment with these changes. Learn more about practice tests in the user community here.

As part of our new look and feel for MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2, we're including usability improvements to our Gap Match and Graphic Gap Match item types: 

  • Click-n-Pop is the easiest to interact with, simply click the option and it pops into place. If there are multiple locations for an option, it will populate the first available space.  
  • Click-n-Click is replacing what used to be Drag-n-Drop. Click-n-Click works by clicking an option, then clicking the place where you would like that option to move. This greatly simplifies usability for students who might struggle with Drag-n-Drop and is more intuitive for early learners.
  • Drag-n-Drop is still available as a backup interaction within the Click-n-Click functionality. This means students who are comfortable dragging options can still do so. Drag-n-Drop is not available on mobile devices, so Click-n-Click will be the default in this case.