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The “Good Job” dog at the end of the MAP Growth K–2 tests will now show text in Spanish and English to congratulate the student. The audio will continue to be in English.

An updated version of the secure testing browser for Mac will be available on the homepage under the Information Center section beginning December 21. This new version of the Mac secure testing browser will be required for the Spring 2019 NSCAS General Summative Assessment. This update will address disruptions experienced with the Flash Player update manager or an Apple process running in the background.

Because you are a partner in a state that has a contract with NWEA, your MAP Suite Product Update page is specific to your state, reflecting information tailored to your state’s requirements. If you were to click on the Product Updates icon from the main NWEA Connection page, it would take you to a Product Update page that is not specific to your state. For this reason, we recommend that you Bookmark your state-specific page.


Here’s what you can do to get ready:

  • For login help, see this article on how to create an NWEA Connection login. Beginning in May, the link in your email will take you directly to the Product Update page.
  • You can adjust your email and notification preferences for the community to receive an email when an update occurs, and when comments are made, or you can disable this feature if you do not wish to receive these notifications.
  • Set up a bookmark by clicking the “follow” button on the Product Update page. (Note: It will not create a bookmark in your browser tab, but will instead allow quick access from within the community by selecting "My places" from the drop down tab under your profile photo.)


We will continue to provide additional information and guidance on this process as we approach May. Until May, all update information will be available both in the online community and inside the email.

On December 1, the MAP Reading Fluency test term will roll over from fall to winter, at which time new content will be published and the performance expectations will rise. For example, a second grader has to read 50 words correct per minute in fall to meet grade-level expectations. By winter, that number rises to 84 words correct per minute. Content will include fresh passages as well as a field test passage in the third position.


If you haven’t yet tested students for fall, you’ll need to administer tests before November 30. After December 1, you won’t have access to fall test content. You can access reports from previous tests by selecting an individual student and choosing the test date from the drop-down menu.

To save you time and reduce your email clutter, we’re rolling out a new digital experience to provide you with crucial product update information. Over the next few months, we’ll be enhancing the format of your product updates.  In this new experience, you will receive an email notification that an update is available, and a link to NWEA® Connection (our online community) that will include all of the update details, versus the current state of sharing all details inside the email. In addition, we will combine three separate communications (one for each product) in to one succinct communication.


This enhancement makes it simpler to navigate right to information that is relevant to you. The “follow” button on the Product Update page acts as a bookmark to be able to quickly access the page from within the Community. Just click the "follow" button:


Follow button


Our goal is to make important information easier for you to find, navigate, and access. Once you click the link in your email, you will simply log in to the community to get all product updates. We will providing additional information to our partners as we approach the time of this communication enhancement.

To adjust your settings, follow the steps in Manage Email Notification Preferences.

The School Assessment Coordinator will now be able to access the Grade Breakdown report, just in time to see the new rapid guessing metrics. In October, this role was given the ability to see their school-level data in operational reports and in MAP Growth reports (except for the Grade Breakdown report, which they can now access).

In an effort to enhance security, the following characters are no longer permitted in name fields in roster fields such as Student Last Name, Student First Name, Instructor Last Name, and Instructor First Name: >, <, = $.


A new NWEA roster file template will be available to reflect which characters are prohibited for each field. The new restrictions will be applied when importing a roster, creating new Student or User Profile, and when modifying existing Student or User Profiles.

We’re adding a new column to the Grade Breakdown report, named % of Disengaged Responses. The Grade Breakdown report is a spreadsheet of valid test events at a grade, school, or district level that can be downloaded by districts and schools. In the past, you may have used it as a district- or school-wide spreadsheet version of the Class Breakdown report. Now, you can use it to quickly identify student test events, subjects, grades, and schools that had high levels of rapid guessing.

Beginning this winter, proctors will need to assign tests before they can assign Text-to-Speech (TTS). They will be able to continue to assign other accommodations prior to assigning the test. This change will prevent the proctor from accidentally assigning TTS to a test that does not support TTS, such as a Spanish test or a MAP Growth K–2 test.

The Students Without Valid Test Results report will now distinguish between whether a student hasn’t yet tested or if they have an invalidated test; if the test was invalidated, it will explain the reason why.

For winter testing, students will receive a new resource, available at The new resource, which has replaced the old test warm-up page, will be directly linked from the student test login and will include videos explaining the MAP Growth tests, and easy access to the practice tests with username and password. Visitors to the old warm-up page will now be redirected to the new resources page.

Winter tests taken on or after October 31 with 30% or more rapid guessing will no longer be invalidated. NWEA will reinstate this invalidation at a future date as we explore opportunities to make this easier for our partners to use this information. You will, however, still be able to see which students rapid-guessed (see below). Click here to visit the community for more information on rapid guessing and test invalidation.