How to test with JAWS screen reader

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JAWS is a third-party application that must be purchased and installed prior to testing. Although, other screen reader programs may work, JAWS has been evaluated by NWEA and is the recommended screen reader for testing at this time.

There are multiple settings available within JAWS. For a full list of features and settings please refer to the JAWS Quick Start Guide.

Accessible MAP Growth tests

Contact your Account Manager or Partner Support at NWEA to enable the screen-reader accessible tests and to enable testing in the recommended browser.

Technical requirements

Make sure your devices meet the minimum technical requirements for MAP Growth and JAWS. We support the current and previous versions of JAWS (JAWS 2018 and JAWS 2019). We do not support JAWS 18.  
How to set up JAWS for MAP Growth testing:
  1. Install JAWS.
  2. If using refreshable braille, ensure the braille device is functioning with JAWS.
  3. Modify the onclick settings: JAWS repeats "clickable" - How to modify onclick settings
  4. If not already installed, install a supported version of the Firefox web browser. See System Requirements in the MAP Help Center.
  5. Verify access to the testing site by navigating to
How to test students with JAWS:
  1. Start JAWS.
  2. If using refreshable braille, ensure the braille device is paired with JAWS.
  3. Adjust the speech rate and other settings as needed.
  4. Launch the testing site in Firefox.
  5. Start the test.
Setting up a test session (proctors):
Assign students using screen readers an Accessible test. This test will have the word Accessible in the test name. Optionally, if you want to track accommodations given, assign the appropriate accommodations in the test session. For more information, see Accommodations and Accessibility in the MAP Help Center.

Keyboard shortcuts

JAWS has many different keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks. Most of the keys on the keyboard will be used by JAWS to perform a function. For example, pressing the letter B while on a webpage will navigate to a button. In order to type the letter B, you will need to be in an edit field such as the Test Session Name field. Students using laptop keyboards should indicate this in the JAWS Basic Options. Below is an example of just a few keyboard shortcuts. A full list can be found on the Freedom Scientific website.
Press these keys while on a webpage:To do this:
Down arrowRead the next line of text or item on the page
HNavigate headings
BNavigate buttons
XNavigate checkboxes
SpacebarSelect a button or checkbox

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