How to report a problem item in MAP Growth

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If you experience issues with a test item, you can report this to NWEA by submitting a problem item report.


To submit a problem item report during testing:

  1. Try to reload the test item first by refreshing the screen:
    1. For Windows: F5 (or Ctrl+R
    2. For Macintosh: F5 (or Command+R)
    3. For Chromebooks and iPads: Click the Refresh icon
  2. If you are testing on a device without a keyboard (such as an iPad) and the item still doesn't function correctly, follow the steps below to receive a new item and report the issue:
    1. Pause and resume the test from your proctor console to generate a new test question.
    2. See the steps below under To submit a problem item report after testing: to report the problem to NWEA.
  3. If you do have a keyboard, while the item is on the student's screen, use the interrupt command to interrupt the test.
  4. Enter the Proctor Pin, found in the upper-right corner of the proctor's Test Students screen.
  5. Describe the issue in the text box provided. Information about the item and the student's computer will be included in the report automatically.
  6. Select Report Problem Item.
  7. Select Resume Test to continue testing. The student will get a new test item.

To submit a problem item report after testing:

If you are unable to report the item during testing:
  1. Download the problem item report form.
  2. Open the report form in Adobe Acrobat, and not in your web browser.
  3. Complete the form. If you do not have all of the information the form asks for, provide as much detail as you can.
  4. Click the Submit button on the form. This will automatically open your default email application, create and address a new email to, and attach the form to the email.
  5. Send the email to submit the report.

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