Required student reporting attributes

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To be included in any reports, a student must have all attributes required for reporting.


Which fields or attributes are required for reporting?

Basic student information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • ID
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Term information

The student must be rostered for the term and have the following information in order to appear on reports for that term:
  • Grade
  • Ethnicity
  • School of record
  • Class

How can I find students who are missing reporting attributes?

Users with the Data Administrator role, District Assessment Coordinator role, or School Assessment Coordinator role can view the Students Without Reporting Attributes report. Users with access to Manage Students can inspect the student's data manually to check for missing fields. See How to repair students on the Students Without Reporting Attributes report.

How do I fix students with missing reporting attributes?

See How to repair students on the Students Without Reporting Attributes report. For large numbers of students with missing reporting attributes, it may be better to import a roster file. See How to import rosters in MAP. Changes take overnight to take effect on reports. After adding missing attributes, check reports the following day.

Can students with missing attributes still take tests?

Yes. Students who have been rostered to a term but are missing reporting attributes will be able to test. Their scores will not appear on reports until the missing attributes are added.

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