How to test with ZoomText Magnifier (Windows)

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ZoomText is a third-party magnification software that offers multiple enhancement options for magnification, pointer, focus and color contrast. ZoomText can be purchased as ZoomText Magnifier or ZoomText MagReader from Ai Squared. The speech support within MagReader is not currently supported for use with MAP Growth assessments. However, students may still use the magnification within both of these programs.

Students who need magnification can use ZoomText Magnifier or MagReader. Please note that the speech functions within MagReader are not currently supported at this time.

Instructions for testing while using ZoomText in Windows 7 or 8:

  1. Start ZoomText.
  2. Adjust the magnification level and other settings as needed.
  3. Start the assessment.

If you are using the Lockdown Browser, students will need to use ZoomText keyboard shortcuts in order to adjust settings during the assessment. If you have difficulty using the Lockdown Browser with ZoomText, please contact your Account Manager at NWEA.

Below is an example of the ZoomText MagReader user menu. There are multiple settings to alter how items such as the mouse, cursor, keyboard focus, text, etc. appear on the screen. For a full list of features and settings please refer to the ZoomText User Guide.

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Keyboard shortcuts:

ZoomText offers many different keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks. If needed, keyboard shortcuts can be remapped. Students using laptops may benefit from selecting the ZoomText setup specifically for laptops. Below is an example of just a few keyboard shortcuts. A full list can be found within the ZoomText User Guide.
Press these keysTo do this
Alt + InsertEnable ZoomText
Alt + DeleteDisable ZoomText
Alt + Numpad + or Numpad -Zoom in or out
Ctrl + Shift + UOpen user menu
Ctrl + Shift + CToggle color contrast on or off

Keyboard shortcut for proctor interrupt:

The ZoomText keyboard shortcut to toggle pointer enhancement on or off is Ctrl + Shift + P. This is also the key command for the proctor interrupt menu. Students can still use Ctrl + Shift + P to toggle pointer enhancements in ZoomText. While Ctrl + Shift + L is an alternative key command for the proctor interrupt menu, this is also used by ZoomText to toggle the Locator on or off. If the proctor needs to interrupt the test at the workstation (for example, to report a problem item), they would need to use one of the alternative options below:
  • Temporarily turn off ZoomText in order to interrupt the test at the student's computer.
  • Change the keyboard shortcut in ZoomText. This is the best option if you access the proctor interrupt menu on student computers often.

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