How to resume a suspended test

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A student has a suspended test and now wishes to resume the test.

For more information on interrupting tests, see Interrupt/Make-up.

To resume a student's test:

  1. If the test session isn't already open, either open a saved session or create a new session. Students can resume their test in any test session. See How to create a test session or How to find a saved test session.
  2. Check the student's status in the proctor console in the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC):
    • Awaiting Student: Skip ahead to step 3 to have the student launch the testing app.
    • Suspended: Go to the Select Action menu and choose Test Again. This will change the students status to Awaiting Student.
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  3. Have the student launch the testing app, log in and select the test to be resumed.
  4. When you confirm the student, a pop up window will appear with the following options in a menu: Note: The Start Test Over option is not available if your district has restricted tests to once per term. See "Start Test Over" option missing when resuming suspended tests for more information.

    Screenshot of a pop up box that appears when you try to confirm a suspended test. The heading reads: Action Needed to Continue to Test. The body reads: The student(s) below have already started this test. Indicate how best to proceed by selecting an action from the dropdown box next to each student's name. Then, the students are listed along with the tests they are trying to resume. As described, a drop down menu is next to each student's name with the following options in order: Resume Test, Do Not Confirm, Start Test Over. There is a Done button and a Cancel button.
    • Resume Test (default)
    • Do Not Confirm
    • Start Test Over
  5. Verify that Resume Test is selected and click Done to allow the student to start where they left off.
    • If the Done button is not visible, zoom out on your browser using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + minus.
: Tests older than 28 days cannot be resumed.

If Resume Test is not available, please see the following:

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