For how many days can a suspended test be resumed?

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For how many days can a suspended test be resumed?

You can resume a test for up to 28 days after it was begun. However, we recommend not resuming a test after 14 days.

As an example, a test started on 3/1 would need to be resumed and completed before the end of the day on 3/28. The count begins on the day the test was first started and includes weekends. 

Since these are computer-adaptive tests, continued instruction for more than 2 weeks after the test was suspended will mean the student potentially will answer higher-level questions correctly when the test is resumed, which they may not have been able to answer previously. However, we understand that some circumstances require that a student be provided extra time to complete the test.

What happens if a new term begins?

A test that was started in one term can still be resumed within 28 days even if a new term begins. The student must be rostered for the new term. The test will appear on reports for the term in which it was started.

What happens if the test has been suspended longer than 28 days?

The options for a test that has been suspended for longer than 28 days will depend on whether test restrictions have been set up by your district.
  • Proctors may see the following options: Start New Test, Do Not Confirm, or both.
  • Selecting Start New Test or Do Not Confirm will terminate the expired test. 
  • A proctor seeing only the Do Not Confirm option will need to reach out to the Data Administrator to override the test restriction before the student can start a new test.
For further details, see Set Test Restrictions and Overriding a Test Restriction in the MAP Help Center.

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