How to update student or class information in bulk

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How to update student or class information for a large number of students.

There are three options to update information for large numbers of students: bulk update, moving a class from one teacher to another, or importing a new roster. Changes made to student profiles will be reflected in reports the following day.

Bulk update:

  • How to: See Updating Student Profiles in Bulk. Requires the Data Administrator, District Proctor, or School Assessment Coordinator role.
  • About: Use this feature to add or update grade and ethnic group, add or remove programs, schools, or classes, and remove students from a term. You can apply the same changes to up to 200 student profiles at one time.

Use the Multiple Instructor class feature to move a class from one teacher to another:

  • How to: See Fix Teacher Profiles. Requires the Data Administrator, System Administrator, or District Assessment Coordinator role.
  • About: This moves an entire class from one teacher to another without making any changes to the class. The advantage of this method is that it deletes the class from the original teacher profile during the process. When using bulk update, you need to delete the class from the original teacher's profile in a separate step.

Import a standard roster file:

  • How to: See How to import rosters. Requires the Data Administrator role.
  • About: This is the best option if you need to update an entire grade, school, or district, or if you need to make many changes at once. Depending on the situation, it may be appropriate to import a standard roster with either the Add/Update or Overwrite option. To determine which option to use, see Selecting Add/Update or Overwrite when importing roster files.

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