Which reports show screening tests in MAP Growth?

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Which reports show screening tests?

You can see a matrix of reports and the data available on each in the MAP Help Center here: Reports Finder.

The following reports will display test results for screening (for grades 2+) tests in MAP Growth:
  • Student Progress
    • Select the report option All Valid instead of Growth Only.
    • If the student took both the screening test and the MAP Growth test, the screening test score will appear, grayed out, in the list of results on the right, but not in the line or bar graph.
    • Special situation: If the student only took the screening test, has no MAP Growth test in any previous term, and took the screening test during the test window, the screening test score will show both in the text and in the line or bar graph regardless of the report options you selected.
  • Class
  • Grade
  • District Summary
  • Comprehensive Data File
  • Combined Data File

What data is available from screening tests?

Screening tests provide RIT scores, Lexile® (reading only), and percentile ranking, depending on the report you choose. Growth projections and goal performance data are not generated from screening test results.

Do screening test results show on the Student Profile report?

No. The Student Profile report shows MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2 results only.

Do screening tests taken outside of the test window show on reports?

See: Which reports show tests taken outside the test window in MAP Growth?

K-2 Screening and Skills Checklists

For Screening (Math Early Numeracy and Reading Early Literacy) and Skills Checklist test results for grades K-2, see What reports show results for Screening and Skills Checklist tests?
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