Test results not showing in MAP Growth reports

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Test results are not showing in MAP Growth reports.

There are several reasons why a score might be missing from reports. This article lists the various reasons, and how to fix them.


Student tested today

Reports update overnight. If the student tested today, check back the following day.

Missing reporting attributes

The student may be missing one or more required reporting attributes in their profile. All of these attributes must be present in order for student results to show in reports. Update any missing attributes and check reports the next day. See Required student reporting attributes for a list of attributes and help fixing any missing attributes.

Student tested outside the window

Some reports, such as the Achievement Status and Growth (ASG), report do not show results for tests taken outside the test window. See Which reports show tests taken outside the test window? Users with the System Administrator or Assessment Coordinator roles can verify your organization's test window dates. See Date Setup Before Testing in the MAP Help Center for instructions on viewing or modifying test window dates. Changes to the test window dates will take effect on reports the next day.

Screening or Skills Checklist, or MAP Growth K-2 tests

Please ensure you are looking at the right report for the specific type of test administered:
  • MAP Growth K-2: RIT scores appear on standard MAP Growth reports, such as the Class report, or Student Progress report.
  • Screening and Skills Checklist: Results in the form of percent correct appear in the reports listed under MAP Reports > View Reports > MAP Growth Screening and Skills Checklist Results heading. These reports are named Screening and Skills Checklist Class Report and Screening and Skills Checklist Student Report.
Screening tests
A student's screening tests do not appear on certain growth-related reports, such as:
  • Achievement Status and Growth Report
  • Student Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Learning Continuum
  • Class Breakdown

See Which reports show Screening tests in MAP Growth?

Test was never completed

Check that the student's test was actually completed, and is not suspended and unfinished. See How to find suspended tests or students who have not yet tested .

Student is duplicated

The student may be duplicated and the test exists under a duplicate profile. There are a few methods to identify duplicate students:
  1. Search for the student in Manage Students. Try searching using only one or two criteria (like first and last name but not ID) to see if the student has multiple records.
  2. Users with the Assessment Coordinator or Data Administrator roles can use the following operational reports to identify potential duplicate students:

If the student is duplicated, see Merging a duplicate student. Tests should appear on reports the day after the student profiles are merged.

Students merged incorrectly during import

If a student is unexpectedly missing from reports and from searches in Manage Students, or you notice that a new student for the term has several term's worth of testing history, it's possible that your organization accidentally merged two different students during the import process.When reconciling errors, you may have accidentally merged two students instead of creating a new profile for the incoming student. Once the new student takes a test, all of the results for the existing student and the new student will appear on the new student's profile.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Create a new profile for the new student. Go to Manage StudentsCreate Student and enter all of the information, including required reporting attributes. Students missing reporting attributes will not appear on reports.
  2. Move the new student's tests to the new profile.
  3. Modify the original profile to match the original student's information and classes.

Student is not assigned to the selected teacher or class

If viewing reports by classes, the student may not be assigned to the class. To view which classes a student is currently assigned to or to modify their classes, see: How to add or modify student classes.

Test results are invalid

Results can invalid for several reasons including:

  • Students has taken more than one test in the subject
  • Student tested outside of the testing window
  • Duration too short
  • RIT outside valid range
  • SEM outside valid range
See: Grayed out (low lighted) test results

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