Email address or username already exists and cannot be duplicated

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When creating or updating a user profile, you receive an error stating "[Email address or username] already exists and cannot be duplicated".

You will receive this error if the email address or username is already associated with a MAP Suite user profile. Usernames and email addresses must be unique across all districts that use the MAP Suite. The error appears at the top of the User Profile screen, as seen below:

User-added image


Username in use at another organization:

Usernames must be unique across all MAP Suite users. If you have usernames such as jsmith, it is likely the username is already in use. We recommend using an email address as the username to ensure uniqueness.

Search for inactive accounts by email address:

  1. Navigate to Manage Users.
  2. Select the Include Inactive Users checkbox.
  3. Search for the user by email address.
If the user appears, you can reactivate the account and modify it as necessary.

Check for a roster file import in progress:

The username or email address may be included in a roster file that is currently being processed. To check, follow these instructions:
  1. Navigate to Import Profiles.
  2. If the Import Status section is anything other than Start New Import, then the user listed under Initiated By has a roster in progress.
  3. Contact the initiating user to find out if the email address or username is included in the in-progress roster.

Email address is in use at another district

Users who use the MAP Suite at multiple districts must use a different email address at each district.

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