Is there a max RIT score a student can get?

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Is there a max RIT score a student can earn on their test?

There is no maximum or "perfect" score on a MAP Growth test. A student's score on any MAP Growth test is a function of both the proportion of questions answered correctly and the difficulty of the questions asked. The valid range for scores is between 100 and 350, but that does not mean that student scores "go to 350" or that a student may ever even receive the highest RIT item available on a test. The assessment adapts between RIT difficulties to generate a valid inferenced score.

We recommend using RIT norm data in conjunction with the MAP Reports and to think in terms of the skills found in the higher RIT ranges. For example, if it were your goal to help a student in 8th grade reach the top 95-99 percentile for their grade during winter testing, you would see that a student in 8th grade who is scoring a 231-236 is in the upper 5% of the achievement percentiles. You may also refer to Appendix C of the 2015 Norms Study which show the percentiles of each score for each subject and term. Although these are by no means the maximum scores possible, it does give you an idea of the upper levels of RIT scores.

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