Do all MAP Growth K-2 test questions have audio?

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Do all MAP Growth K-2 test questions have audio in all of the sections including reading passages, test questions and answers?

Not all MAP Growth K-2 test questions have audio for specific sections; for example, a question may have audio for directions, but not for the reading passage.

The student will know there is audio for an item because there will be a speaker icon on the screen for parts of the item that have student-initiated audio replay (see image below). If there is no audio, or if the item has only audio that plays automatically, such as directions, there will be no speaker icon. For example, an item where the only audio is for the directions, such as “Read the story”, will not have a speaker icon.

Image of a speaker icon next to test text

Why do some items not have audio?

These test items are explicitly evaluating a student's ability to answer the question by reading. For example, if we are asking the student to locate information within a reading passage, then the passage would likely not have audio, since the answer will come verbatim from the passage and we don’t want to alert the student to the correct response in any way.

Do items stop having audio after a certain RIT score?

No, there are higher RIT score items that have audio. The items without audio do tend to be more difficult and will thus have higher RIT scores, however, cognitive complexity and the comprehension skill being assessed are the primary factors that contribute to whether we decide to include audio support.

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