How can I edit, delete, or extend the due date of MAP Skills missions?

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How can I edit, delete, or extend the due date of MAP Skills missions?


To edit, extend, or delete an unstarted mission:

You can edit, delete, or extend the due date for any mission that the student hasn't yet started. If the student has already started the mission, or has completed the mission, you cannot delete or modify it.
  1. Go to the Assignments tab.
  2. Optionally, filter the assignments by class and subject.
  3. Locate the student
  4. If necessary, click the arrow to view the last three assigned missions for the student. Click the Show More link underneath the missions to view any additional missions.
    Screenshot of a student's missions on the Assignment tab. 3 missions are visible, with a Show More link below. The first mission is a Mastery mission. The status is Assigned, and the Action column shows an Edit button. The 2nd mission is a Locator. It's status is Assigned Past Due, and the Edit column has a Reassign button. The 3rd mission is a Locator with results showing 1 NW and 10 P skills. The Date Completed column shows 10/03/18 and the Action column shows an Assign Next button.
  5. Select the appropriate option:
    • Click the trash can icon in the Results/Status column to delete the mission. You cannot delete a mission that has been started or completed.
    • Select Edit in the Action column to modify or extend the due date of an unstarted mission whose due date has not yet passed. If the due date has passed, this button is replaced by the Reassign button.
    • Select Reassign in the Action column to modify and extend the due date of a past due mission.

You can modify an unstarted mission to any student you have access to, regardless of which teacher originally assigned the mission.

Deleting missions that have been started but not completed:

Incomplete missions cannot currently be deleted or modified. The student can finish the mission and provide feedback or continue to a different mission.

Completed missions and results:

Completed missions and results can't be deleted or modified. However, you can manually change the mastery status of a skill. For example, you can change a skill from Needs Work to Mastered if you know the student has mastered the skill but you do not wish to assign a Mastery Check mission to the student. Instructions are available at the bottom of this page in the MAP Help Center: View Skill Status.

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