Testing visually impaired students in MAP Growth

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Accommodations for students with visual impairments in MAP Growth.


Magnification and color contrast

As of fall 2018, MAP Growth has a built-in zoom tool available on most MAP Growth tests. However, MAP Growth does not have an embedded color contrast feature. For details, please see How to use embedded universal features (test item aids).

MAP Growth is also compatible with third-party magnification and color contrast software for students who need this accommodation. To ensure an optimal testing experience, NWEA has tested the most commonly used magnification and color contrast programs and features available on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iPad operating systems. While many different magnification software programs may work, the following magnification programs have been evaluated and can be used for testing:

Programs built into the computer’s operating system are:
Third-party software that requires purchase and installation are:
*The speech components of this software are not supported at this time, but the magnification and color contrast components of this program will work.

Can we use the Secure Testing Browser with a 3rd party magnification or color contrast program?
For color contrast tools, you can set the color contrast and then launch the Secure Testing Browser. However, the student will not be able to adjust the color contrast settings while the testing browser is open.

For magnification and for unrestricted access to adjust color contrast during the test, students must test outside the Secure Testing Browser. To test outside the Secure Testing Browser, go to test.mapnwea.org and ensure that you are able to successfully join a test session. If you receive an Workstation readiness check error: itssecure browser, please have the MAP System Administrator for your organization contact your NWEA Account Manager for assistance.

Screen readers

As of fall 2016, students who need a screen reader accommodation can use JAWS, a third-party application purchased separately from MAP Growth. Although other screen reader applications may work, JAWS has been evaluated by NWEA and is recommended for testing. Please see How to test with JAWS screen reader for further information.

You must assign the accessible Growth test to students who are using a screen reader. The accessible tests are available for math, reading, language usage, and science, for grades 2-5 and 6+. Please contact your Account Manager at NWEA to request these tests. There is no extra charge if you already have tests for these subjects. For more information on these test types, see What is the difference between the Accessible MAP and standard MAP tests? .

General display adjustment

You can adjust the audio volume and brightness of the screen in the Secure Testing Browser version or later (Windows version only). The tools to adjust view the audio and brightness are available on the System Health and Diagnostics page (Ctrl+Alt+S).

Increase font size

Students can use the built-in zoom feature to zoom in on text. See How to use embedded universal features (test item aids).

Alternately, students testing in a web browser can use magnification software or standard keyboard commands to zoom in or out. For example in Chrome or Firefox, press Ctrl and + or - to increase and decrease the font size.

Other test aids and accessibility tools:

MAP Growth tests (except MAP Growth K-2 tests) include the following embedded universal accessibility features: zoom, highlighter and eraser, line reader, notepad, and answer eliminator. You also have the ability to enable text-to-speech for selected students. Please see:

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