About the NWEA Secure Testing app for iPad

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Information about the iPad NWEA Secure Testing app, including version, features, and requirements.


Features of the NWEA Secure Testing app for iPad:

System requirements:

For full requirements, see Student Testing Requirements in the MAP Help Center.

Version history:

  • Version 3.3: Released July 2020
  • Version 3.2: Released February 2019
  • Version 3.1: Released February 2018
  • Version 3.0: Released December 2017
    • AAC introduced
    • Renamed to Secure Testing
  • Version 2.0: Released June 2017
  • Version 1.1: Released July 2016
  • Version 1: Released March 2016
  • Version 1.2: Released May 2017

To check whether an update is available for your device, see How to install or update the NWEA Secure Testing app for iPad.

Secure testing:

As of February 20, 2018, students are required to test using the NWEA Secure Testing app. The newest version of the NWEA Secure Testing app supports Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC) which prevents the student from closing the app or navigating to other apps while the test is active. If you need students to test in the unsecured Safari browser instead, please contact NWEA Partner Support for assistance.

For more information on AAC, see Testing with iPad Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC). The NWEA Secure Testing app also supports multiple device management (MDM) software, as well as single app mode (SAM), but does not support autonomous single app mode (ASAM). NWEA is unable to provide support for using MDM software or SAM.

To install or update:

See How to install or update the NWEA Secure Testing app for iPad.

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