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This article details the support information for MAP Growth and MAP Skills testing on iPads.

iPads are supported for both MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2, and MAP Skills.

MAP Growth:

Download the NWEA MAP Testing app from the iTunes® App Store. The app allows you to administer MAP Growth K-2 tests with audio (including screening and skills checklist assessments) as well as 2-5 and 6+ tests.

For full instructions on setting up and using the NWEA MAP Testing App on the iPad, see iPad Setup for Students.

App versions:
  • Version 1: Released March 2016
  • Version 1.1: Released July 2016
  • Version 1.2: Released May 2017
  • Version 2.0: Released June 2017

For full requirements, see Student Testing Requirements.
Secure testing:

NWEA MAP Testing app supports Multiple Device Management (MDM) software and Single App Mode (SAM). Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM) is not currently supported. For more information on SAM and ASAM, see Assessment with iPad at Apple.com. Partner Support does not offer assistance with setup or use of MDM software.

If your mobile device management does not include a Single App Mode solution, you can secure each iPad using the Guided Access feature. Instructions are available in iPad Setup for Students.

MAP Skills:

iPad is supported for Mastery Checks and Skills Locators. Instructional resources are provided by third parties that may or may not support iPads. In practice, any resource that does not use Flash should work on iPads. When you assign instructional resources, the resources that use Flash are identified with a red symbol:
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