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Why are percentiles missing from my reports, or are replaced with an asterisk (*)?

There are two reasons why percentile rankings may be missing: Norms are not available for the grade, subject, or season, or you are using a custom grade.

Norms not available:

Verify that norms are available for the grade, subject, and season. See Which grades, subjects, and terms have status norms and growth norms?

Custom grades:

You are able to define custom grades in the MAP Suite, and you can associate those custom grades with a standard grade. For example, you may wish to split your Kindergarten grade into AM and PM grades. So you might have custom grades defined as KA and KP. When you create these grades, you should associate them with the standard grade "K", so that the MAP Suite uses the standard Kindergarten norms. If you use a different standard grade, such as "OT" for "other", then norms and growth projections will not be generated for these students.

To verify that the grade is mapped to the correct NWEA standard name:
  1. Log in to the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC) with a System Administrator or District Assessment Coordinator account.
  2. Select Modify Preferences.
  3. Select Modify District.
  4. In the Grades section, check the NWEA Standard Name associated with the affected grade.

If the NWEA Standard Name is OT, percentiles and growth projections will not be available. To correct the issue:
  1. Reassign all students in that grade to a different grade. You cannot delete or modify a custom grade if students are assigned to the grade. See How to update student or class information in bulk.
  2. Delete the custom grade:
    1. Navigate to Modify Preferences > Modify District.
    2. In the Grades section, select the grade.
    3. Click Delete.
  3. (Optional) Create a new custom grade with the correct NWEA Standard Name.
  4. (Optional) Reassign the affected students to the new, correct grade.

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