HTTP Error 404: The page you were trying to reach could not be found

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You receive HTTP Error 404 when attempting to log in to the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC): "The page you were trying to reach could not be found."

This error may occur when using a bookmark or auto-completed URL that contains expired session data, or if there is old data in your browser cache.

To resolve this issue, try the following steps. If the first step doesn't work, try the next step.
  1. Reload the page by clicking the refresh button on your browser.
  2. Navigate directly to the URL and try again. Do not allow the browser to auto-complete the URL. If this works, you may need to update your bookmark, favorite, or link you used to go to MARC.
  3. Clear the cache on your browser: How to clear various web browsers' caches.
  4. Verify your internet connection by navigating to If no connection exists, contact your network system administrator.

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