Client-Server MAP: How to create a proctor account in NTE Admin 2

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NWEA creates one proctor login for each school. MAP Coordinators and School Administrators can create additional proctor logins as needed.

Take the following steps to create a new proctor account:
  1. Launch and log in to the Network Test Environment (NTE) Admin 2 software using a MAP Coordinator or School Administrator user name and password.
  2. Open the Manage Employees menu and select Add Employee.
  3. In the Add Employee Profile window, enter the required information. Fields marked with a red "*" are required fields.
    • The user name must be globally unique in the NWEA system. If you enter a user name that already exists within any MAP partner district, you will receive an error and will need to enter a different user name.
  4. Select Proctor from the Role drop-down box.
  5. Use the School drop-down box to select the employee's school.
  6. To assign or remove permissions for the employee, click the associated checkboxes near the bottom of the page.
    • Upon selecting the proctor role, the permissions checkboxes will automatically populate with the recommended permissions.
  7. When finished, select Save & Close.
  8. Download school or district data as appropriate using NTE Admin 2 before using the new account to access MAP TestTaker.

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