Client-Server MAP: How to upload and download data in NTE Admin 2

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NTE Admin 2 is your primary tool for managing data in Client-Server MAP

How to download data
NWEA recommends downloading the following data every term, after your class roster file (CRF) has been processed:
  • Student data
  • School or district data

The following data generally only needs to be downloaded at the beginning of the academic year:
  • Tests
  • Audio (if using MAP for Primary Grades)

To download data using NTE Admin 2:
  1. Log in to NTE Admin 2.
  2. Verify you are using the correct tab for your NTE type:
    • Individual School NTEs: Use this tab if you have a separate NTE folder for each school.
    • District NTE: Use this tab if you are using one NTE folder for your entire district.
      • Note for one-school districts: You can choose either tab, but make sure you consistently use only that tab every time.
  3. If the Folder Location field is not already configured:
    1. Select [Click to define folder location].
    2. Type the path to the NTE folder for this school or district, or click the folder icon to browse to the NTE folder.
    3. Click the save icon to save the path.
    4. Repeat this process for any other schools you need to configure.
  4. Select the schools or district for which you are downloading data.
  5. Under Bulk Download / Upload Action, select the types of data you would like to download. Your options are:
    • School or District Data
    • Tests
    • Student Data
    • Audio
  6. Select Start to begin the download.

Downloading data may take a while, especially if you have a large number of students, are downloading many tests, or are downloading audio.

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How to upload data
NWEA recommends uploading tests every day after testing is complete so that the students results are available on reports the next day.

To upload tests:
  1. Log in to NTE Admin 2.
  2. Verify that you are on the correct tab for your NTE type and that the school or district has the correct path listed in the Folder Location field.
  3. Select the school or district for which you are uploading data.
  4. Under Bulk Download / Upload Action, select Upload Test Results.
  5. Select Start to begin the upload.

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