Client-Server MAP: What do the goal descriptor categories (HI, LO, etc.) mean in reports?

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What goal descriptor categories are used in Client-Server reports?

Client-Server MAP reports break down the goal descriptors in different ways. Depending on the report the goal descriptors are displayed in thirds, fourths (quartiles), or fifths (quintiles).

Goal descriptors by thirds

  • Low < 34th percentile
  • Average between 34th - 66th percentile
  • High > 66th percentile

Reports include:

  • Teacher Reports
  • Individual Student Progress Reports

Goal descriptors by quartiles

  • Low <= 24th percentile
  • Mid-low between 25th - 49th percentile
  • Mid-high between 50th - 74th percentile
  • High >= 77th percentile

Reports include:

  • Dynamic Reporting Suite

Goal descriptors by quintiles

  • Low < 20th percentile
  • LoAvg between 21st - 40th percentile
  • Avg between 41st - 60th percentile
  • HiAvg between 61st - 80th percentile
  • High > 80th percentile

Reports include:

  • Online Student Progress Reports

Note: If a test is missing percentile data for both the overall test and each goal area, the goal descriptors will not display.

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