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Prepare for your first Testing Season


After your district is licensed to use Client-Server MAP tests, an NWEA Implementation Support Specialist will work with you to ensure a successful implementation. Use this checklist as a guide to plan training and prepare for administering tests. 


1. Form your MAP Team

After your district is licensed to use Client-Server MAP and your Implementation Support Specialist has contacted you, determine who should fulfill the following MAP roles in your district. Your Implementation Support Specialist, will send you a document on which to provide NWEA their names, email addresses, and respective roles. Please return to your Implementation Support Specialist when complete.


MAP Coordinator

This person will serve as the testing coordinator for the district. Good communication skills are critical, as this person will coordinate all processes and disseminate all information and updates. He/she should have decision making authority within the district.


Main Contact

This person receives all key communication from NWEA regarding finances, new products, and events. Often the MAP Coordinator and Main Contact roles are filled by the same individual.


Technical Coordinator

This person will serve as the liaison between the district and the NWEA Technical Support Team. He/she should have a good working knowledge of the servers and network systems within the district. This person should be a full-time staff member working at, or with, the district's technical support staff.


Class Roster File Coordinator

This person will be responsible for preparing and submitting all student data for each test season. He/she should be familiar with the district's student information system and adept Excel user.


Staff Development Coordinator

As NWEA's main contact regarding staff development opportunities, this person will be responsible for making district-wide professional development decisions and coordinating each event.


2. Set up the Network Test Environment (NTE) Admin 2 software

Once your District MAP Team has been established, you'll begin by getting ready to take sample assessments. Start by installing NTE Admin 2 on a Windows-based computer with both Internet and local network access. You will be using NTE Admin 2 to upload and download testing data, as well as administer student, proctor, or administrator accounts during the testing season. The NTE Admin 2 computer should be in a location that can be accessed by the MAP Coordinator, CRF Coordinator and the Technical Coordinator.


Please Note: Accessing NTE Admin 2 for training purposes requires a specific training username and password. The training username and password are included in an email sent to your District MAP Coordinator; these credentials are different from your district specific logins because they provide access to sample, anonymized data. If you have questions about the training user name and password contact your Implementation Support Specialist.


3. Create your local training environment

Now that you've set up NTE Admin 2, you're ready to create a sample MAP testing environment. Your training environment will exist as a shared folder on your network.


For instructions see: Client-Server MAP: How to create the NTE Folder


4. Set up your Training Environment with Sample Data

Your training environment folder will be a sample version of a MAP testing database using an anonymous school's data. This folder, referred to as the Network Test Environment (NTE) folder, contains three data components: School/District Data, Student Data, and Test Packages. For instructions on downloading this data see: Client-Server MAP: How to Upload and Download data in NTE Admin 2


Important Note for MAP for Primary Grades Users: If your district uses MAP for Primary Grades Assessments, the MAP for Primary Grades Audio Files will need to be downloaded as well. Click Here for more information on how to complete this task.


5. Install MAP TestTaker

Once you've set up your training environment folder, you're ready to install MAP TestTaker, the software students will be using to take MAP assessments. MAP TestTaker can be installed on a Windows Server or on any individual testing workstations.  If you install on a server, the application must be accessible by all of the computers in your testing labs.


Please Note: MAP TestTaker is available for local installation in both Windows and Macintosh environments; however, server-side installations are limited to Windows environments. Macintosh machines must install MAP TestTaker locally.


For instructions on installing MAP TestTaker see: How to Install TestTaker


6. Administer Sample Tests and Verify your Technical Readiness

Now that your training environment is complete, you're ready to take sample MAP tests. This will give you and your staff an opportunity to experience MAP as well as communicate to NWEA that you are ready for your first testing season. For details on this refer to the following steps:


  1. Launch MAP TestTaker from the location where it was installed.
  2. Log on using the sample username and password
  3. Select a sample student and test. All student data shown is anonymous
  4. Complete an entire assessment
  5. When the End of Test score screen appears, capture a screenshot. This will verify your system's technical readiness.
  6. Send an email to
    • In the body of the email, include your name district name and phone number.
    • Attach the screenshot of the final test screen.
    • For more information on how to take a screenshot, refer to your computer's documentation.


7. Schedule your MAP Implementation Call

After you've completed your sample assessments and provided NWEA with a screenshot of a completed test, your Implementation Support Specialist will schedule a call with your District MAP Coordinator. Please have a speaker phone and Internet access available during the call.  The MAP implementation call is designed to provide you with details about the testing process and answer questions specific to your district.


  • The call will take approximately one hour and highlights the following components.
  • License and Testing Package
  • Testing Environment and schedule
  • Administration Training
  • Online Training
  • On-site training
  • Role and responsibilities of the District Leadership Team


8. Verify Reception of NWEA Emails

As you prepare for your first testing season, it's important to make sure that you're able to contnually receive relevant information from NWEA.  NWEA sends informational emails to share pertinent, time-sensitive information related to administering NWEA products and services. In addition, informational notices about new products, services, and resources as well as relevant assessment subjects may be shared. To ensure that you continue to receive timely and relevant updates from NWEA, work with your local system administrator to be certain that the following email addresses are explicitly permitted within your email framework:



See NWEA's privacy policy for additional information.


With staff and students sufficiently prepared, your district is ready to administer its first testing season.