How to add a new student

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How to add new students to the MAP Suite.

Your organization should import a roster of students for each testing term. Instructions are available here: How to import rosters. However, sometimes the need will arise to manually add individual students. These steps can be taken by users with the District Proctor* or Data Administrator role.

* Some organizations limit the ability of District Proctors to manage students. If you are a District Proctor and cannot add new students, contact the Data Administrator at your organization.

To add a new student manually:

  1. Select Manage Students.
  2. Select Create Student.
  3. Enter the student's information.
    • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
    • Fields marked with an R are not required to add and test the student, but are required for the student's results to appear on reports.
    • Unmarked fields are not required.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Enter the term information. See the above note regarding required fields.
  6. To add a school:
    1. Select Add School.
    2. Search for the school by name. You can search using only part of the name.
    3. Choose the school and select the blue Add School button.
  7. To add classes:
    1. Select Add Classes.
    2. Select the school from the menu.
    3. Begin typing the instructor's last name, then choose the instructor from the list.
    4. Select the class you wish to add from the Available Classes list.
    5. Select Add Class -> to add the class to the Classes to Assign list.
      • If you add the wrong class, select the class under the Classes to Assign list and select Remove Class.
    6. Repeat the above steps for any additional classes.
    7. Classes listed under Classes to Assign will be added to the student's profile.
    8. Click the blue Add Classes button to continue.
  8. To add programs:
    1. Select the program you wish to add from the Available Programs list.
    2. Select Add -> to add the program to the Assigned Programs list.
  9. Select Add Term when all the student's information has been entered.
  10. Review the student's basic information and select Continue.
  11. Review the student's full profile and select Submit to finish.
    • If you left any fields marked with an R blank, you will get a warning message alerting you that the student will not appear on reports.

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