Assigned missions are missing in MAP Skills

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An assigned mission does not appear for a student.

Either more than 4 missions have been assigned, or the student has already been assessed on all of the skills above the lowest assessed skill in the strand.


More than 4 missions assigned

When a student has more than 4 missions assigned in a subject, click View All at the bottom of the subject page to view the rest of the assigned missions.

Screenshot of View All link at the bottom of a student's missions page.

Student has already been assessed on all the relevant skills in the strand

When a student took their first Skills Locator in a math, language, or vocabulary strand, MAP Skills adapted to the student's responses to determine the lowest skill the student needs to work on. If the student has subsequently been assessed in all of the skills above the lowest "Needs Work" skill, this means there are no new "Needs Work" skills to locate and therefore further Skills Locators will not be available for the student in this strand. This is by design; when the Skills Locator finds the lowest skill the student needs to work on, there is normally no need to continue to assess even lower skills.

To check whether the student has already seen all of the skills above the lowest assessed skill, view the student's heat map chart:
  1. In MAP Skills, go to the Class Dashboard tab.
  2. Search for the class and subject. Donut graphs should appear for each strand.
  3. Click the donut graph for the strand in question.
  4. If all the skills above the lowest assessed skill are also assessed (marked P for passed, NW for needs work, or M for mastered), then you cannot assign further Skills Locators in this strand, as MAP Skills has determined that all of the relevant skills for the student have been assessed. If you suspect the student needs to work on lower skills, you can assign Mastery Checks for those skills instead. See How to assign a mission.

See also

  • View Results in the MAP Help Center
  • Skills Framework documents show a list of strands, skills in those strands, and sample items for the skills. For details, see Skills Framework Reference in the MAP Help Center.

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