Cannot start a test session

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You are unable to start a test session. Test Now is unavailable or greyed out.

This occurs if the test session you are trying to start is already in use by you or another proctor.


Check whether you have a test session open

  1. Navigate to Manage Test Sessions.
  2. In the upper right, look for a button labeled Return to Testing:
    Screenshot of Return to Testing button on Manage Test Sessions page
  3. If you want to end this session and open a new one:
    1. Select End Testing Session.
    2. Rename the session if you wish, and choose Save and Exit, or choose Delete Session.
  4. If you want to open multiple test sessions at the same time:
    1. Proctors can only open one session at a time.
    2. Use the Add More Students button to add more students to your open session. You can add students from different classes and grades, and the students do not all have to take the same test.

Check whether another proctor has opened the session

If you do not have an open test session, you can view active test sessions to identify which proctor has the test session open:
  1. Select Manage Test Sessions.
  2. Select Saved Testing Sessions.
  3. Use the filters to locate the session you want. Clear the Created By filter and select All Proctors to show a full list of saved test sessions.
    Screenshot of an empty Created By field with a menu below and All Proctors is selected
  4. Active test sessions will have the name of the current proctor listed in the In Use By column.
    Screenshot of a list of Test Sessions with the In Use By column highlighted
  5. If another proctor has already started this test session, that proctor must end the test session before it can be used by another proctor. Otherwise you must wait for the session to automatically close overnight or create a new test session. For instructions on how to create a new test session, see Set Up Testing in the MAP Help Center.

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