How to replace all student or instructor IDs

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There may be times when you need to modify all of the student or instructor IDs in the MAP system due to state requirements, or because you are simply changing your ID structure. You can update your students' or instructors' IDs in bulk by importing a roster file.

To update student or instructor IDs in bulk:
  1. Download a copy of the Roster File Template from the home page of the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC).
  2. Determine which type of import you need:
    • Updating both students and teachers, or you are also importing classes at the same time: Combined Import
    • Updating students only: Students Only Import. To find this template in Excel:
      1. Open the Roster File Template in Excel.
      2. Right-click on any of the template tabs.
      3. Select Unhide...
      4. Verify that Students Only Import is highlighted, and select OK to confirm.
    • Updating instructors only: Instructors Only Import
  3. Fill out the required template fields. See above for instructions for accessing the Students Only Import template.
  4. Put the old IDs (the IDs you want to change) in the Previous Student ID field, or the Previous Instructor ID field, as appropriate.
  5. Put the new IDs (the IDs you want to use going forward) in the Student ID field, or the Instructor ID field, as appropriate.
  6. Import the roster file. See How to import rosters for detailed instructions.

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