Confirmed student cannot start test

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After a student has been confirmed to start a test, the student's computer stays on the screen reading "Please wait for the proctor to confirm your information", or is blank. The "Start test" screen does not appear.

This can happen if the student's computer lost connection to the MAP servers, or the connection timed out.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue. If the first step does not resolve it, proceed to the next step in the list.
  1. Refresh the page in the browser.
    • Windows: F5 
    • Mac: Cmd+R
    • iPad (Safari): Refresh icon in the toolbar: User-added image
    • iPad (MAP Testing App): The iPad does not have a refresh icon on this page. Skip to step 3.
    • Chromebook:
      • Refresh key on the top row of the keyboard:
        User-added image
      • F3 if using a Windows keyboard
  2. If the student's computer displays the screen reading "Please wait for the proctor to confirm your information", confirm the student at the student's computer rather than from the proctor computer:
    1. Use the proctor interrupt command on the student's computer.
      • Note for iPads: The proctor interrupt option is only available on the iPad through use of an external keyboard. If your students use iPads and you do not use an external keyboard, skip to step 3.
    2. Enter the proctor interrupt PIN, found by hovering your mouse over the Proctor Interrupt PIN text in the upper right:
      Screenshot of user mousing over the Proctor Interrupt PIN text
    3. Select Confirm Student.
  3. If the student has closed the browser window and you cannot confirm them from the student computer, select Do Not Confirm.
    1. On the proctor computer, select the student.
    2. Choose Do Not Confirm from the Select Action menu.
      Screenshot of Do Not Confirm in Select Action menu
    3. The student's status will change to Awaiting Student.
    4. Have the student try to log back into the test.

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