"Students must be in the following status" when selecting an action

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When you choose an action in the Select Action menu or click Confirm Now, a message displays in red at the top of the proctor console, “Students must be in the following status to perform '(Selected Action'): 'Required Status'".

There are limitations to which actions can be performed for various statuses. You may have selected an action that does not work with the current status or you may be trying to select an action for multiple students who are in different statuses.

To resolve this issue, try these troubleshooting steps. If the first step does not resolve the issue, continue with the next step.
  1. Verify that you are selecting the correct action based on the student's status.
    • Testing: Valid actions are SuspendPause, or Terminate. Note that terminated tests cannot be continued under any circumstances.
    • Paused: Valid actions are Resume, or Suspend. If the student's testing browser has closed, or the student has moved to another computer, choose Suspend, then Test Again to allow the student to rejoin the test session.
    • Suspended: Valid action is Test Again. Selecting this will allow the student to rejoin the session.
    • Terminated: Valid action is Test Again. Selecting this will allow the student to rejoin the session.
    • Confirmed: The student should click Start Test. To cancel the confirmation, use the Do Not Confirm action.
    • To Be Confirmed: Valid actions are Confirm, or Do Not Confirm.
    • Awaiting Student: No actions from the Select Action menu are allowed, however, you can assign tests or accommodations when the student is in this status. The student must be in this status to join the test session.
  2. Try the action again, ensuring that only students with a common status are selected. If you want to select all students with the same test status, use the Select Status drop-down list.
  3. Ensure the student status is displaying accurately:
    1. Select Refresh Status, or:
    2. Refresh the page in the browser:
      • Windows: F5
      • Mac: Cmd+R
      • Chromebook:
        • Refresh key on the top row of the keyboard.
        • F3 if using a Windows keyboard.
  4. Navigate away from the proctor console by selecting Home at the top of the page. Then return to the session by selecting Manage Test Sessions > Return to Testing. This will not affect any students who are currently testing.
  5. If the student also cannot find their name to login, see: Student cannot find name when joining a test session.

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