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NWEA requires authorization (approval) from partner districts to release their data to a third-party organization. The Data Sharing Manager facilitates the approval process.



NWEA requires authorization (approval) from partner districts to release their data to a third-party organization. The Data Sharing Manager application facilitates the approval process. Using this application, third-party organizations can create data sharing agreements that are sent to NWEA partner districts for approval. A data sharing agreement not only provides the required approval from an NWEA partner district, but it also identifies the data points, date range, and, optionally, the individual schools included in the agreement.

It is the requesting organization’s responsibility to obtain approval from the partner districts. Common requesters of partner data are Charter School Management Organizations, State Departments of Education, and research institutions.

Once an agreement has been accepted by the NWEA partner district, NWEA will use that agreement to create aggregate reports and data exports for the third-party organization that initiated the request.

This application only manages the agreement to share data. It does not directly supply data to requesting organizations, and it will not generate custom reports or exports.

System Access

The Data Sharing Manager application can be accessed at: https://datashare.nwea.org.

All users will need:
  • An NWEA Services account.
  • An assigned role that grants them access to the system. Learn more about roles in the section below.


Access to the Data Sharing Manager is limited. Only users flagged by NWEA with a role to request or authorize data sharing agreements can access the application. Functionality of the application is tailored to each role.
  • Requester: The requester is usually part of an organization that would like to receive aggregate reports composed of data from partner districts. This role creates requests to share data that are sent to NWEA partner districts. These requests, if accepted, would allow NWEA to share specific pieces of a partner’s data with the requesting organization for a set date range.

    To gain access, requesting organizations must contact NWEA’s Research or Partner Accounts team to discuss their needs for NWEA partner data. If accepted, NWEA will set up the data sharing requester role.
  • Authorizer: A representative from an NWEA partner district who has the authority to grant permission to share data for their district. The authorizer will receive a request by email, review that request in the Data Sharing Manager, and either accept or decline the request.

    Data sharing authorizers must contact NWEA Partner Support to gain access to the Data Sharing Manager. Authorizers will be asked to confirm their identity, confirm their role at the district, and to affirm their authority on behalf of their district to grant permission to share data
  • NWEA Reviewer: NWEA staff member who assists requesting organizations and partner districts with their data sharing agreements. Reviewers can view agreements, but not create, modify, or otherwise act on behalf of a requesting or authorizing organization.

Summary of role access

RoleProvide AccessCreate AgreementAccept AgreementDecline AgreementTerminate AgreementView Agreement
Requester X  XX
Authorizer  XXXX
NWEA ReviewerX    X

Process Overview

A requester sets up a data sharing agreement between their organization and an authorizing NWEA partner district. This agreement contains:
  • A project name
  • A project description
  • Date range
  • A destroy-by date
  • The type of data and data points the requester’s organization is seeking
  • Contact information for each NWEA partner district (authorizer)

Once the agreement details match the requesting organization’s needs, the requester will use the Data Sharing Manager to finalize and send the agreement. The authorizer will receive an email alert with a link to the request to share data. Upon login, if the authorizer has the proper access, they will be able to view the details of the agreement, agree to the Data Sharing Terms and Conditions, and either Accept or Decline the request to share data.

The authorizer may update the schools included in the data sharing request. This includes updates to school names, adding or removing schools from the agreement, and changing the agreement from “all schools” in the district to a sub-set of schools. However, if the authorizer would like to change any other details of the data sharing request, he or she should work directly with the requester or organization that sent the request.

Once the authorizer accepts the agreement, the requesting organization will work with the NWEA team to receive the requested reports or data exports. This is all handled outside of the application.

If the authorizer declines the agreement, no data will be shared with the requesting organization.

A previously accepted agreement may be terminated by either party. Terminating the agreement will update the end date to reflect the date of termination, and trigger an email to both the requester and authorizer alerting them that the agreement has been terminated. For more details on how to terminate a previously accepted agreement, please visit either the Authorizer Guide or the Requester Guide.

Agreement Fields

The Data Sharing Agreement contains the following fields:
  1. Name: A unique name provided by the requester to help identify the request.
  2. Description: A description of the project as provided by the requester. The description appears in the application for both authorizers and requesters as well as in the email the system sends to authorizers when the request is first made.
  3. Date range: The date range defines both the timeframe for which the requested data will be available as well as the timeframe which it was collected. If a district did not test during some (or all) of the date range, there will not be data to share.
    • If a previously accepted request to share data is terminated by either party, the date range will be updated to reflect the termination date as the end date, and data falling outside of the new date range will no longer be shared. 
  4. Destroy by date: The requesting organization is required to destroy all data provided to them by this date. It is the requester’s responsibility to make sure that the data is destroyed by this date.
  5. Data selected: The data selected section shows the categories of data that will be available to the requesting organization. Requesters will work with NWEA staff to tailor the data pull to meet their specific needs. The specific data fields as determined by the categories below are listed in the application.
    • Individual or summary level data?
      • Summary: Will restrict the data to summary level only, excludes all individual data points and the reports that include the individual data points.
      • Individual Students: Makes both individual and summary level data points and reports available.
    • Include Personally identifiable information?
      • Checked: The list of data points will include any field that can be used to personally identify students will be included.
      • Unchecked: The list of data points will exclude any field that can be used to personally identify students including gender and ethnicity.
    • Include schools and districts?
      • Checked: School and district names will be available.
      • Unchecked: School and district names will be replaced with anonymized identifiers and school level summary information will be excluded.
    • Include teacher and class assignments?
      • Checked: A student’s teacher and class assignment will be available.
      • Unchecked: A student’s teacher and class assignment will be will be excluded.
  6. Schools: The requester may create an agreement for data from specific schools. It is important for the requester to work with the authorizer to align the school names with the MAP data. Enter the school names exactly as they appear in MAP for the school or district. This will ensure that NWEA only shares student and test data from the intended schools.
    • The authorizer will have the opportunity to update the schools, as needed, prior to approving the request to share data.

Agreement Statuses

Each agreement in the Data Sharing Manager has a status that helps users understand what action, if any, they need to take with any given agreement.
  • Draft: Request has been started, but it has not been sent to any authorizers.
  • Request Made: Request has been sent to authorizers, but no response has been received.
  • Accepted: Request has been approved by an authorizer, and they accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Declined: The authorizer has declined the request to share data for that partner.
  • Terminated: A previously accepted agreement has been terminated by the authorizing NWEA partner.

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