Using the Data Sharing Manager to authorize sharing your MAP data with 3rd parties

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NWEA requires authorization from NWEA partner districts to re-disclose their data with a third-party organization such as a department of education (DOE) or a charter management organization (CMO). To facilitate the authorization, NWEA uses a tool called the Data Sharing Manager. This article summarizes the data sharing authorization process using the Data Sharing Manager.

This article is intended for NWEA partner districts who are working on sharing their data with a third party organization. If you are a representative of an organization that needs to obtain MAP data from an NWEA partner district, please contact our accounts department online here for assistance.

A full description of the process for NWEA partner districts to authorize requests to share data with third-parties, including step-by-step instructions and screenshots, is available online here: Data Sharing Manager User Guide for Authorizers. In summary:
  1. The third party with whom data will be shared (the "requester") works with NWEA to set up an account for the Data Sharing Manager.
  2. The requester creates a data sharing agreement using the Data Sharing Manager.
  3. The requester uses the Data Sharing Manager to send an email invitation to a representative (the "authorizer") from an NWEA partner district who has the authority to grant permission to share data for their district.
  4. The authorizer receives an email with a invitation link to sign in to the Data Sharing Manager. The authorizer may be prompted to contact NWEA Partner Support by phone for further verification to ensure the safety of the district's data.
  5. Once the authorizer is able to log in, they can view, approve, or deny the data sharing request. The authorizer can terminate an existing data sharing request at any time.

The Data Sharing Manager is online here: Use your NWEA Services login credentials (the same credentials you'd use for Destination PD or NWEA Connection) to log in. See How to reset Destination PD or NWEA Connection passwords for assistance logging in.

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