Student missing from Achievement Status and Growth Quadrant chart

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A student is missing from the Achievement Status and Growth (ASG) quadrant chart, but their score is listed in the list of scores below.

There are two possible causes of this issue:
  • Growth norms are not available for the grade, subject, and term.
  • If two students have the same achievement percentile and conditional growth percentile, their data points on the quadrant chart will overlap, making it appear that one of the students is missing

If the missing student is also missing from the list of scores below the chart, see Test results not showing in MAP Growth reports.


Growth norms not available

If growth norms are not available for the student's grade, subject, and term pair selected, then the student will not appear in the quadrant chart. Their score will appear in the list below, but the Growth columns will be empty.

See Which grades, subjects, and terms have status norms and growth norms?

Students with the same achievement and growth percentile

Check the following fields to see if any other students have identical entries as the missing student:
  • Percentile range - use the middle number of the range
    • Use the percentile range for the 2nd term. For example, in a fall to spring comparison, use the spring percentile range.
    • The middle number of the range is the number that is graphed.
  • Conditional growth percentile

If both of these entries are identical for the two students, then their data points overlap. As a workaround, use the ethnicity, gender, or subject filters to hide one or the other student.

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