How can I explain RIT scores to students and parents?

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How can I explain what a RIT score means to students or to parents?

The Parent Toolkit gives the following explanation of the RIT score:

After each MAP Growth test, results are delivered in the form of a RIT score that reflects the student's academic knowledge, skills, and abilities. Think of this score like marking height on a growth chart. You can tell how tall your child is at various points in time and how much they have grown between one stage and another.

You can use this height analogy when explaining RIT to students as well. The higher the RIT score, the more achievement the student has in the subject. The student's percentile ranking and conditional growth percentile can show how much the student has achieved in comparison with their peers. You can also refer to the Comparative Data to Inform Instructional Decisions to help explain how students are performing relative to other students in the same grade level according to our national norms.

Student Progress Report Quick Reference

You can optionally generate the Student Progress Report Quick Reference when you generate the Student Progress report to send home to parents. This guide helps parents understand the information on the Student Progress report.

Look for the checkbox to generate this reference page under Report Options when generating the Student Progress report. This one-page explanatory guide to the Student Progress report can also be downloaded here: Student Progress Report Quick Reference (login required).

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