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The student's test ends earlier than expected.

The MAP test should not end early unless the proctor terminates the test. However, there are a few circumstances where the test can appear to end early.

The following factors can make a test appear to end early:
  • Screening tests: The tests labeled Screening are shorter than typical MAP tests. They are 20 questions long. Since screening tests do not provide data on instructional areas or growth, we recommend retesting the student if they accidentally take the screening test. See Can I retest students with MAP?
  • Item numbering lags behind: The item number listed on the proctor console updates every 60-90 seconds and is therefore only an approximation. Relying on this number may result in tests appearing to end early when they do not.
  • Tests with a variable number of questions: All MAP tests have variable lengths to some degree. For example, the MAP Reading 2-5 test has between 39 and 42 questions. While you may have almost every student getting exactly 42 questions, there are circumstances in which a test will end at only 39 questions. Such tests are just as valid as the longer tests. See Summary of Test Types for details.

How can I verify that the test has the correct number of items?
A user with the Data Administrator role can view the student's test history to confirm that the test is complete and of a normal length. You do not need to wait overnight to view the students test history. Follow these steps:
  1. In the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC), navigate to Manage Students.
  2. Search for the student.
  3. Select the student and choose View/Update Test Events.
    Screenshot of buttons on the student search page, including View/Update Test Events.
  4. Locate the test in question.
  5. To verify it has the appropriate number of items, select the test and choose View Details.

If you have verified that the student's test does have too few items, please contact NWEA Partner Support.

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