Error: There were no test events found for the selected term

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A Student Progress report is missing goal performance data (also known as instructional areas). There may be a message reading "There were no test events found for the selected term."

This occurs if the student does not have a test in the subject for the selected term, or if the student took the Screening test instead of the full MAP Growth test. If you used the Student Quick Search, the system will always use the current term as the selected term. If you are certain the student tested for the selected term, but the test is not on either the graph or the list of scores on the right, see Test results not showing in MAP Growth reports.


Student does not have a test for the selected term

You can generate the report for a previous term in which the student did test. Note that the Student Quick Search feature always searches only the current term. To generate a Student Progress report for a previous term:
  1. Instead of using Student Quick Search, navigate to View Reports > MAP Reports.
  2. Under the MAP Growth Reports heading, select Student Progress.
  3. At the top, select the term in which the student tested.
  4. Select the rest of the report options as appropriate.
  5. Select Create PDF Report to generate the report.
  6. If the error still appears, there may be another issue with the test or the student profile. See Test results not showing in MAP Growth reports.

See alsoWhy are some tests missing from the Student Progress Report chart or graph?

Student took Screening test instead of MAP Growth

The Screening test is shorter than the full MAP Growth test and does not provide RIT data for instructional areas.

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