NWEA Rebranding FAQ (2017)

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In 2017, NWEA updated our brand. Partners were asking for clearer communication and it has been an exciting journey to determine how to best showcase our new solutions, while still staying true to our mission of partnering to help all kids learn. We thank you for all your support and hope you enjoy our new website.

The following Q&A should answer key questions. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Please feel free to post comments and questions on our partner portal: NWEA Connection.

Why did NWEA rebrand?

We heard from our partners – you asked for a clearer, more concise experience. Our assessments are complex and precise measures; how we describe their purpose and application doesn’t need to be. We needed to make changes to reflect the differences in our products and how they complement one another, making it easier for you to get the right data at the right time.

What does the rebranding mean for the company?

We’ve grown over the 40 years since our founding. NWEA now offers comprehensive solutions for schools, districts and states. We’re delivering on a multiple-measures approach to growth and mastery for all students. We wanted to reflect our commitment to our mission which puts the students and educators front and center.

Did the company change its name?

NWEA is our name. We kept our initials, but no longer refer to ourselves as the Northwest Evaluation Association.
  • Our roots are in the Northwest United States, but we work with educators around the world.
  • We do assessment, not evaluation – it’s an important distinction in the context of K-12 education.
  • We’re a single not-for-profit organization, not an association consisting of multiple parties.

Our mission remains: Partnering to Help All Kids Learn. It’s our purpose and we are not deviating from it.

What changes did you make to your assessment products?

We adjusted some of our product names as part of the rebrand to simplify how we present our assessment offerings to our partners and the public.
  • The MAP name now encompasses a suite of our core assessments:
    Previous name:Curernt, rebranded name:
    MAPMAP Growth
    MAP for Primary Grades (MPG)MAP Growth K-2
    Skills NavigatorMAP Skills

Aside from the name changes, these remained the same rigorous assessments that you've come to rely on.

How did rebranding affect NWEA Professional Development?

We changed the name of our Professional Development to Professional Learning. In addition, Destination PD was re-launched as NWEA Professional Learning Online.

As we considered the rebranding, it was important that we express how our offerings have expanded beyond our assessments into teaching practice, data literacy and coaching. We’re designing and delivering professional learning that’s aligned to the highest quality standards published by organizations like Learning Forward.

We did not change how we partner with you or the level of support that you’ve come to value from us.

What is NWEA Connection?

It is an online community created just for our partners where you can find resources, professional learning and support. To sign up go to: community.nwea.org.

When did the rebrand happen?

It began in June, 2017.

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