June Partner Update - MAP Growth

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Skills




June Partner Update – MAP Growth

Effective June 12th, when you log in to MAP® Growth™ (formerly known as MAP), you will notice the logos, product names, and login screens look a bit different. These changes are part of the exciting updates NWEA™ is making to offer a more concise user experience that clearly conveys our array of assessment offerings. While the look has changed some, our mission, “Partnering to help all kids learn®,” remains constant.

In addition to the excitement about the product name and logo changes, you can also look forward to the following enhancements.

Coming in July: MAP Growth Will Alert Proctors when Students Disengage from a Test

NWEA has been researching student test taking engagement, including what occurs when a student disengages while taking a test, and what we can do about it. In July, you’ll find changes to MAP Growth that help districts manage this behavior.

First, let’s understand what happens when a student disengages from a test. Currently, on any Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), when a student answers an item incorrectly, the next item is less difficult. If the student begins rapid guessing behavior and submits items quickly without attempting to answer correctly, the items presented to the student will be progressively less difficult. When the student re-engages, the items become more difficult, until they are once again at a level that challenges the student. On any CAT, if a student rapidly guesses through 8 items, it will take an additional 8 items to bring the student back up to the correct difficulty level. The result is a less precise test score that usually underestimates the student’s actual ability.

Beginning in July, MAP Growth tests will provide tools to prevent this from occurring. These tools will actively monitor the amount of time students use to answer each item, and will compare it to the average amount of time other students used to answer those specific items. When a student guesses through multiple items, two actions will be triggered:

  1. The difficulty of each item will lock at the level the student is performing at, rather than becoming less and less difficult. When the student re-engages and begins applying effortful behavior, the test items will already be at the students’ appropriate level.
  2. If a student disengages during a test, an alert will appear on the proctor’s console, indicating the student is disengaged and providing the proctor an opportunity to intervene during the test and re-engage the student.

NWEA is already using this capability to make the next set of norms more precise, as well as all future linking studies.

Are You Ready for Action?

Beginning this fall, you will have the optional ability to type and save an action plan when creating student growth goals in the Student Profile Growth Goals module. For your additional convenience, the students’ instructional area scores and suggested areas of focus (if any) will be visible when entering their action plan.


If you haven’t found the Student Profile yet, you can find it here: https://teach.mapnwea.org/nextgen-report/

Free online training to use the Student Profile is available here: https://teach.mapnwea.org/impl/maphelp/ApplicationHelp.htm#cshid=641

More Great Stuff Coming This Fall – 5 Instructional Areas in Reading Tests

In response to partner feedback, we’re changing the number of instructional areas (formerly called goal areas) on the MAP Growth reading tests for Common Core from three to five. To provide more useful data to support instructional planning, the new instructional areas will appear as shown below in this example from the Student Profile:


Also Coming this Fall – Updated Roster Template

This fall, an updated roster template will be released replacing the existing file. The new version of the roster template file will include new optional columns for expanded student demographic information. It will also have improved formatting and instructions to more clearly convey which columns are optional/required for various import scenarios. The old roster template file will continue to be supported through June 30, 2018.

Updated Estimations of Appropriate Text Complexity

We have developed a new method for estimating the recommended text complexity level of reading materials for students based on the student’s RIT scores. These estimates, which take advantage of our extensive experience in creating linking studies and our research in student test-taking engagement, were developed by NWEA researchers. We will provide correlations to a variety of text complexity measures. We are excited to announce that you will begin to see the first of these in the new estimate of Lexile ranges on MAP Growth reports after the June release.

Lexile® and MetaMetrics®are registered trademarks of MetaMetrics, Inc. The correlations that are available in MAP Growth are estimates and are not associated with or endorsed by MetaMetrics, the developer of Lexile ranges.

Reminder: Changes to Supported Browser and Operating System Versions

As we reported in the March newsletter, support for these older operating systems and browser versions is ending this summer.

NWEA will end support for the following older versions of operating systems and browsers in July. Beginning July 2017, it will no longer be possible to test using:

  • iOS8
  • Mac OSX 10.8
  • Safari 6.1, 6.2
  • Safari 7.0, 7.1
  • Firefox Versions below 50

Updated System Maintenance Window in the Community

The Monthly Platform and Software Maintenance Windows now includes all the dates for scheduled maintenance and software updates through the end of 2017. We recommend you refer to the schedule two weeks prior to testing to ensure no changes have been made.

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