Retest score missing from MAP Growth reports

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You retested a student, but the new test score is missing from MAP Growth reports.

Standard error of measure: Definition and calculationsWhen a student has more than one test in a subject area, MAP Growth selects the test with the lowest standard error of measure (an indicator of test precision) as the growth test valid for reports. This is not always the most recent test, or the test with the highest RIT score. For more details, see How does MAP choose which test to include on reports when a student retests?


To change which test appears on reports:

A user with the Data Administrator role can suppress the unwanted test from reports. See Fix Test Event Records for instructions. Changes will take overnight to appear on reports.

To view the score:

Some reports show scores that are invalid for growth, allowing you to see RIT scores for all tests the student took in a term. These scores will appear in grey text. The reports that show invalid or non-growth scores are:

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