Next button is unavailable or greyed out in a MAP Growth test

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The Next button is missing, or the button is greyed out.

This can happen if the computer did not load the item correctly. Occasionally, it indicates a problem with the testing app.

If this option is not available for a test question, try these steps in order to solve the issue. If the first solution does not work, move on to the next item.
  1. Verify that the student has appropriately selected an answer.
    • Some items may require a student to select a specific number of answer options, for example, "Select the two values that are equal." In such items, the Next button will not activate until the student makes the required number of selections.
    • An answer option with an orange dotted line is highlighted but not selected. Selected answer options have a solid black line. See What is the orange dotted line? for an example.
  2. If the Next button is cut off or not visible at all, try zooming out.
    • Check whether the zoom level in the toolbar at the top is at 100%. If it is larger than 100%, use the zoom out button. See How to use embedded universal features (test item aids).
    • If the student is using a 3rd party zoom tool, try zooming out on this tool as well. A common keyboard shortcut to zoom out is Ctrl -. See Testing visually impaired students in MAP Growth.
    • Chromebooks:
      • Try zooming out using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl -. Alternatively, use Ctrl + 0 (zero) to return to the default zoom level. 
      • If zooming out with Ctrl - doesn't work, try resetting the screen resolution with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 0 (zero).
      • Chromebooks have multiple shortcuts affecting screen size. See Zoom in or magnify your Chromebook screen on for more information.
  3. Refresh the screen at the student computer by pressing F5 on the keyboard.
  4. Reset the test item by clicking the Reset button in the bottom left:
    Screenshot of reset button
  5. Pause and resume the test, either from the proctor's screen or the student's computer: See Interrupt and Continue in MAP Help Center.
  6. Suspend the test and try again, either from the proctor's screen or the student's computer: See Interrupt and Continue in MAP Help Center.
  7. Verify that the student's computer has an active internet connection.
  8. Remove the student from the test session, and add them back:
    1. In the test session, select the student.
    2. If the student's status is Suspended, select Test Again from the Select Action menu, then select the student again.
    3. Click Remove Student(s).
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click Add More Students.
    6. Search for the student, select them in the search results.
    7. Click Add Students.
    8. Click Save and Return to Testing.
    9. Select the student, and click Assign Test(s), choose the test you want to assign from the drop down, and click Assign.
    10. Have the student join the test session again. If the student cannot find their name, see Student cannot find name when joining a test session.
  9. NWEA Secure Testing Browser: Try reinstalling the testing browser. Download the installer from See Lockdown Browser: Features, versions, download, installation, and updates for more information.

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