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1. What is Professional Learning Online?

Professional Learning Online is the NWEA® online learning portal. You'll discover a wealth of on-demand resources to help teachers and leaders use MAP® data to enhance student achievement and growth. With an abundance of free content, plus supplementary material to reinforce your insights before, during, and after onsite workshops, Professional Learning Online is your one-stop shop for online learning.

2. How do I, or how does my district/school, get access to Professional Learning Online?

All users rostered in MAP are automatically loaded into the Professional Learning Online system, saving Administrators from having to add members to both systems.  Most districts have a Professional Learning Online Administrator assigned to their Professional Learning Online account during implementation. The Administrator is responsible for notifying teachers and staff in their Professional Learning Online account. Most users will already have access to your district's Professional Learning Online account. Users therefore just need to create an account in order to access the system.  Try to log in to determine your status.

You can log in to Professional Learning Online and see if you have already been associated with a district here:

  • After creating your account and logging in, if you see a message that you are not associated with a district, please contact the MAP Coordinator at your district/school and ask him or her to add you as a member to your district or school in Professional Learning Online. The Admin can do so by adding your email to the district account using the Professional Learning Online Administrator 'Add Members' tool.
  • If your email is not found in our system, or you cannot remember your password, see the next question below: How do I create an account for Professional Learning Online?

    If you want to be the District Administrator for your Professional Learning Online account so you can invite other users and run reports on your user's course work, you can nominate yourself or someone else 

3. How do I create an account for Professional Learning Online?

  • First go to and try to log in with your email address and most common password(s).
  • If an account is not found, use the Register a New Account tool: https://log
  • Enter your information and submit the form. The system will email you a verification link. You will need to verify your account before continuing to Professional Learning Online.
  • After verifying your email account, log in to

If you never received the verification email, or can't find it, please check your spam/junk/clutter/quarantine folder for the invite. This is where the email typically goes if it does not appear in your inbox. It is sent from a address.

4. Whom do I contact if my password is locked, I forgot my User Name or Password or I can’t log in?

  • Your User Name is the email address that was used when you activated your Professional Learning Online account. If your email address is incorrect, please contact NWEA Technical Support and click "Chat with Support".
  • If you cannot remember the password you created, please try your most common passwords, and recall it had to follow these rules:
    -At least 8 and not more than 20 characters
    -At least one lowercase character
    -At least one uppercase character
  • If you still cannot remember your password, you can use the Forgot password? link on the Professional Learning Online log in page to initiate the password reset process.  Follow the directions, and a temporary password will be emailed to you at the email address used on the request form. PLEASE wait at least 5 minutes for the reset to arrive. Check your spam, junk, or clutter boxes for the reset email. It is sent from a address.
  • If you lock your password after 5 failed attempts to log in, please wait 5 minutes—your password will unlock automatically—and try again.
  • Do Not Select the resend password button again without waiting for the first password to arrive or you will likely lock your account. If the reset email does not arrive (be patient - it will arrive), please contact support and click "Chat with Support".

5. How do I resend an invitation to myself if I have never created an account?

If you have been previously invited to Knowledge Academy or Destination PD, but have never created an account, you just need to create an account and verify your email address. You will already be associated to your district and can start using your Professional Learning Online account immediately.

6. If I have an unused email invitation to create an account in Professional Learning Online, can I still use it?

Yes, you can still select the Create Account link in the old invitation. You will be directed to create an account in the system and can then continue into Professional Learning Online. Your invitation automatically added you to your district's Professional Learning Online account, so your Professional Learning Online Administrator does not need to add you via the Administrator tools in order for you to view the courses available to your district.

7. What if I am not sure if I have an account?

  • Use the new simplified account lookup tool to determine your account status. If you cannot remember your account username or password, Select the Forgot Password? link on the Login page.
  •  Enter your email, and the system will determine whether you have an active account.
    • If your email address is not found, you will need to create an account.
    • If your email address is found, the system will send you an email with directions on how to reset your password.
    • Please wait for at least 5 minutes for the password reset email to arrive.
    • Be sure to check your spam, junk, and clutter folders for the password reset email. It is sent from a ‘NWEA CA <>’ email address.

8. How do I select a role?

  • Role selection during account creation has been removed from Professional Learning Online.
  • Courses for specific roles can be found on the Courses home page in the Course Catalog area when you log in to Professional Learning Online.
  • Select the folder icon in the top of the Catalog to show the course categories. Roles are subgroups of the MAP courses.
  • Select the expand arrow to display the roles. Choose a role to filter the course and only show courses relevant to that role.
  • If your district has purchased Online MAP Administration or an onsite MAP Administration workshop, you will see additional role-based Learning Plans in your Workshop Content list.

9. How do I change or update my role?

  • Roles are no longer used in Professional Learning Online. This functionality has been removed from Professional Learning Online.
  • Courses for specific roles can be found by browsing the categories in the Courses Catalog.

10. How do I know what content is relevant to me?

  • Courses you are pre-enrolled in appear on your Courses page or area, and in your Courses lists. Chooses a course in the Courses list(s) to start a course, or view the catalog to display all the courses available for your district.

11. How do Professional Learning Online Administrators assign courses to a specific user?

  • Professional Learning Online Administrators cannot assign a specific course to an individual or user.
  • Administrators can only associate users to their Professional Learning Online account by adding user email addresses using the Add User tool at the My NWEA Administration page.
  • Associated users log to see all the courses available to them in the Course Catalog.
  • When Administrators add users to their account, they can also email their users and ask them to create their accounts and direct them to complete courses recommended for their role.

12. Why do I need to enroll in some courses / How do I enroll in a course / Why are some courses in the Courses list/s?

  • Users are automatically enrolled in an Introduction course and any courses related to workshops your district has purchased.
  • All other courses can be found in the Course Catalog. Select the enroll button in any course found in your catalog(s) to start the course.

13. My course/video won't play; whom do I contact?

There are many possible reasons for this issue: 

  • Flash must be installed and updated on your computer to view most videos.
  • Flash must be enabled to run in your browser.
  • Video courses must be played in the newest version of your preferred browser.
  • Be sure pop-ups are allowed.
  • Try to refresh your browser, or try a different browser. You should also confirm that you are using a supported web browser.
  • Finally, check with other users at your school. If others can play the course that you are unable to play, then it is most likely a problem specific to your computer that NWEA probably will not be able to solve. Try using a different computer that is known to work.
  • If you continue to encounter problems, please contact NWEA Technical Support.

14. The Courses list is empty; where do I find content?

  • The course list(s) in the Courses list/s initially displays courses in which you are pre-enrolled. All other courses are found in your Course Catalog.
  • When you enroll in a course from the Catalog, it starts displaying in the Courses page.  
  • Courses lists contain courses relevant to you, including courses that become available based on workshops your district has purchased.
  • If your Courses list is empty, or no lists are displayed, it usually means something went wrong with your enrollment or district assignment. Please contact NWEA Technical Support.

15. The Catalog or Courses list/s is empty after starting courses; whom do I contact?

  • Something went wrong. You will need to contact NWEA Technical Support. If you see an error message, please include it as well as the exact wording of the error in the support request.

16. Why won't my course complete, or I how do I retake a course?

  • You must view each required activity in a course to complete it. Sometimes you just need to read the information or download a file in the activity. Many courses are interactive video courses that track your progress by how long you view the video, quiz results during the video, and video completion acknowledgments near the end of videos.
  • Many video courses have an acknowledgment button you must Select in the last few slides. Find the acknowledgment button, and then follow the prompts to get 100% completion for a video course. If your video course had other dynamic content such as quizzes or links to click, make sure you did not skip them.
  • If you want to retake a course, use the course table of contents in the left side of the screen navigation to jump back to a previous activity. See the User Guide for more information.

17. My course won't show as completed; whom do I contact?

First make sure you have completed all the steps.

  • Open a course.
  • You can see which activities you have already completed. Completed activities have a green check mark next to both the navigation bar at the bottom of the course window and the navigation menu in the side screen.
  • If there are interactive videos, resume the video to complete the activity. Some courses have only one activity.
  • Select each link in the course, and complete any quizzes and/or interactive activities. 

If you have double-checked that you completed all of the steps for each activity in the course, and it still will not complete, you can also consult a colleague. Many users at your school may have already completed the same course. You can often resolve the issue by having a fellow teacher look at your course work and help figure out what step got missed. If you still need assistance, please contact NWEA Technical Support

18. Is my progress being tracked and reported?

  • You may access a transcript that shows your progress in all learning activities. Please select the navigation menu (hamburge menu icon) in the Professional Learning Online system and choose the Transcript item in the action menu. Your District Administrator in Professional Learning Online (the person who gave notified you or gave you access) can also access usage reports at an individual, school, or district level.

19. How do I receive a certificate of completion?

  • Select Transcript, located both in the site navigation and on the My Courses page in the My NWEA portal. Next, download or print your course completion history. Courses completed in the previous versions of Professional Learning Online will be included.

20. I have questions about an NWEA product or professional development; whom do I contact?

  • Information about NWEA products and professional development can be found at here.

21. What are the times for Professional Learning Online system maintenance?

  • Every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pacific time, Professional Learning Online may be inaccessible for routine system maintenance.
    If you receive an error message during this time, you are encouraged to try accessing Professional Learning Online again after 9 p.m. Pacific time.

22. What are the system requirements for Professional Learning Online?

  • Please see the System Requirements page for the Professional Learning Online. The system requirements are linked from the Help page in Professional Learning Online.
  • You can check your computer for compatibility using the system checker on the login page before you login.

23. I have a bug to report; how should I submit it?