Wrong test assigned to student in MAP Growth

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Wrong test assigned to student.

This happens if the student selected the wrong test or the proctor assigned the wrong test.

If the correct student has been selected and the test was assigned incorrectly, there are several methods to stop the incorrect test and start the correct one. The method you use depends on where the student is in the testing process.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Check the proctor screen in the active test session to determine the status of the student:
    • Confirmed, To be Confirmed:
      1. Select the student and select Do Not Confirm from the Select Action... drop-down list.
      2. The student will receive a message "You are not confirmed to take this test…". Have the student click Back to Sign-in.
    • Testing, Paused:
      1. Determine whether you want to save the student's progress in the test they started, and act accordingly:
        • To save their progress: Select the student and choose Suspend from the Select Action menu.
        • To discard their progress: Select the student and choose Terminate from the Select Action menu. The test will be lost. This action cannot be undone.
      2. Select the student again and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu.
    • Suspended, Terminated, Completed: Select the student and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu.
  2. The student's status should now be Awaiting Student. If not, go back to the previous step.
  3. Select the student and click the Assign Test(s) button.
  4. Select the correct test from the Test Name drop-down list and click Assign.
  5. The student should now re-join the test session as normal.

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