MAP Growth automatic processes and time-outs

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These are the processes our systems will perform automatically in MAP Growth testing sessions.


Paused tests:

  • If the student's test is left paused for 25 minutes or longer, the system will suspend the test automatically.

Resuming tests:

  • If a student has a paused or suspended test, and the proctor selects to start a new test (instead of resume), the existing test will be terminated.


  • If a student does not start a test within 25 minutes of logging in to a test session, the student will be brought back to the Join Session screen.
  • If a student does not answer a question for 25 minutes, the test will be suspended and the student's screen will go back to the Join Session screen.
  • If a session is left open overnight, the system will close and save the session. All students in Testing status will be suspended.

Connection loss:

  • If network connectivity drops, the loading wheel will spin for 12 seconds before giving a "Question taking a long time to load" error.
  • If a student loses connection, they will be presented with an error message and an option to retry loading the test item. If the retry option is not successful, the student will be presented with a message asking them to try again and contact their administrator.

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