Placement testing for new students

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Organizations may wish to do placement testing of new students prior to their testing window. Here is a brief overview of how to add students for placement and test them using MAP Growth.

When you are ready to test a student for placement, add the student to the current term using one of the two methods below. Required student data is marked with an asterisk (*). If you do not assign the student to a school, remember to select <No School Assigned> when creating your test session for admissions students.

Option 1: Add students using Manage Students

  1. Search for the student in Manage Students to find whether the student already exists. This helps avoid student duplication.
  2. To add a new student:
    1. Go to Manage Students and select Create Student.
    2. Enter data in the required fields (marked with an asterisk: *).
    3. Leave the term as the current term.
    4. Other fields are optional and marked with an R indicating they are required for reporting.

Option 2: Add students using Import Profiles

If you have a large group of students to test for admissions, you may consider importing a roster file, just like a normal school roster. This is a less common method, but a good option for adding large groups of students. Contact support if you have questions.

Tracking test results:

  • When the student completes the test, print or note the student’s score as the results will not appear on reports. 
  • If the student is admitted, add or roster the student into your school to get the results in your normal reports.
  • Data Administrators can also obtain the RIT score by searching for the student in Manage Students and selecting View/Update Test Events.
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