July Partner Update – MAP Growth

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NWEA Partner Update - MAP Skills

July Partner Update – MAP Growth



July Partner Update – MAP Growth

While the longer days of summer provide more light for reading and playing, the quiet of the season also offers an ideal time for us to make updates and enhancements to MAP® Growth™. The following outlines important news about the NWEA® brand and product, as well as updates to our online community. Product updates mentioned below are effective Monday, July 24th. And since you may be the only recipient of this email within your district, please forward this email to teachers and other MAP Growth users who might benefit from this information.

Reminding You About Our New Look

In case you missed the news in the June partner update, the next time you log in to MAP Growth (formerly known as MAP), you’ll notice the logos, product names, report names, and login screens have a renewed look and feel. We’ve also changed the name of Skills Navigator to MAP® Skills™. This exciting update invigorates the NWEA brand, offers a more concise user experience, and clearly conveys our assessment offerings. While the look has changed, our mission, “Partnering to help all kids learn,” remains constant.

A Growing Community

Hopefully, you’re already taking advantage of our online community and finding it to be a great place to connect with other MAP Growth users (asking questions and participating in discussions), access relevant content (including helpful tips and tools for success), search the Support Knowledge Base, and submit support tickets. Now we’ve added past partner updates so you can access the most up-to-date information about product enhancements without having to rely on email notifications and more easily share with coworkers so they can access the latest information too. (Pro tip: Add the RSS to your feed reader to ensure you’re always aware of the most current information.)

Simplifying MAP Growth Test Names

In conjunction with the rebrand, some of the MAP Growth test names are being updated in the July release. Here is a quick chart for your reference. For example: Survey is now labeled Screening, which better fits with the test’s definition and intent (a shorter assessment used to quickly place incoming students).

Skills ChecklistSkills Checklist
End of CourseEnd of Course

MAP Growth Now Alerts Proctors When Students Disengage From a Test

NWEA has been researching student test-taking engagement, what occurs when a student disengages while taking a test, and what we can do about it. This month, you’ll find changes to MAP Growth that help districts manage this behavior.

First, let’s understand what happens when a student disengages from a test. Currently, any computer adaptive test adjusts based on the student’s response. A correct response triggers a more difficult question, while an incorrect response triggers a less difficult question. When a student rapidly guesses, the result will be a less precise test score that usually underestimates the student’s ability.

As of the July release, MAP Growth tests provide tools to prevent this from occurring. These tools actively monitor the amount of time students use to answer each item and compare it to the average amount of time for each item. When a student guesses through multiple items, two actions are triggered:

  1. The difficulty of each item locks at the level at which the student is performing, rather than becoming less and less difficult. When the student re-engages and begins applying effortful behavior, the test items are therefore already at the students’ appropriate level.
  2. If a student disengages during a test, an alert appears on the proctor’s console in real time, indicating the student is disengaged. The proctor may intervene to re-engage the student.

Roster Updates

When you prepare your student roster for fall, you will see various changes in the roster file template and import page. The columns have not changed since the update in April, but there are key differences:

  • State-specific templates—The MAP homepage offers different templates for some states, reflecting slightly different requirements. 
  • One tab sheet—Instead of choosing from multiple Excel tabs, there is just one StandardRoster tab for importing students, teachers, and classes.
  • Import page—When you use Import Profiles within MAP, the instructions for choosing your roster template are simplified.

Shorter Tests—Same Robust Results

Beginning in fall 2017, you may see students taking less time to complete MAP Growth K–2 tests (formerly known as MAP for Primary Grades [MPG]). We have reduced the length of these tests by greatly reducing the number of field-test items, eliminating non-field-test items that are not scored, and by reducing the number of scored items to equal those in MAP Growth Reading for higher grades. Overall, the test length will change from 57 items to 43 items.

Password Reset Change

There’s been a change in the way System Administrators reset passwords for individual users in MARC.


Now, when you click the ‘Request Password Reset” tab, instead of providing a temporary password on the screen you will see a message that reads: "User password reset requested. Click Submit to complete the process ."



Reminder: Changes to Supported Browser and Operating System Versions

As we reported in previous newsletters, support for these older operating systems and browser versions are ending this summer. NWEA is ending support for the following older versions of operating systems and browsers this month, so it will no longer be possible to test using:

  • iOS8
  • Mac® OSX 10.8
  • Safari® 6.1, 6.2
  • Safari 7.0, 7.1
  • Firefox® Versions below 50

Windows 8 Users Recommended to Update OS 8.1 or Higher

As Microsoft has ended support for Windows 8, NWEA is now only able to offer limited support for this version of Windows. NWEA strongly recommends partners using Windows 8 update to Windows 8.1 or above. Windows 8 will not be permitted for MAP Growth testing beginning July 2018.

Updated System Maintenance Window in the Community

The monthly platform and software maintenance window now includes all the dates for scheduled maintenance and software updates through the end of 2017. We recommend you refer to the schedule prior to testing to ensure no changes have been made. The July software release window will still start on Friday, July 21 at 7:00 p.m. Pacific and end on Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

We’re Here When You Need Us—Contact Partner Support Online

Need help? If the issue you’re experiencing is not urgent, consider submitting your question through our online form. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours from one of our helpful partner support representatives.

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This communication contains information required for the successful use of NWEA products and services. You are receiving this because you have been identified as having the role of "MAP Growth main contact" or are a MAP Skills system user. If you believe this is incorrect, please contact your Account Manager by calling 503.624.1951.


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